The exact opposite of Nemesis X (at least in terms of Mortal Kombat and personality). When it came to Mortal Kombat vs DC, he would also get mad when Nemesis or anyone else would complain about the game because of its T rating, toned down blood & violence, lack of characters, etc., and would defend Mortal Kombat vs DC to no end, seeing it as the perfect product. He's also a fanboy of Liu Kang as shown in the Games Versus Forum, thinking Liu can beat just about anyone.

Around the time Ridley Prime became aware of SmashBro's existence on the forums, he came up with the whole "Liu Lame" nickname to poke fun at SmashBro, and easily encouraged others to do so in the process. To this day, Ridley, NemeBro, and others still refer to Kang as Liu Lame just go get on SmashBro's case about the character.


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  • Rumor has it that SmashBro's name got changed to "Bro SMASH" because NemeBro's RAGE is so powerful it turned SmashBro into the exact inverse.
  • For some fanboyish reason, SmashBro believes that no one actually plays Mortal Kombat for its violence.


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