ShinTwist ScreamPaste is a Canadian member of KMC. He's often called a Link fanboy. Wiki Admin


Frequence of posting/Posting style

ScreamPaste can be found seeking comfort in the reliability of science and logic. With the power of mathematics and tapping the power of basic logical arguments, ScreamPaste takes a notable stance when defending his favored characters.
Knowledge is power. Don't think this guy doesn't know it. Although maybe there's such a thing as relying too much on common sense and science?

Favourite characters

Favorite games


  • He has an awesome goatee
  • Did we also mention he's a Canadian?
  • He's also a drunk, as our resident troll Nemesis X will tell you.
  • Rumors say that like many Canadians, when he talks his head flaps(Oh yes, a South Park reference).
  • An avid fan of Link X Ganondorf yaoi.
  • Some say he's pretty hot.
  • Often gets beaten down by emos.
  • He can turn gay people straight; turn water into wine, basically he is the Jesus of our time!
  • According to Moo, the following are true:
    • Favorite bands: Skillet, Three Days Grace, Green Day,
    • He is so short he once fell into a footprint and had to live in it for three weeks.
  • Founder of the LolloveLinkclub.


Most win

Most hilarious

  • "…you don't build tall shit out of heavy shit…"
  • "…whenever I sex a girl, I'll be secretly thinking about this game." -Pertaining to rumours on the upcoming Zelda title.

Most fail

Most fanboy/girlish moments.

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