Scout (Newerth)

Scout is, although an individual, unique hero in the game Heroes of Newerth, not one particular person but rather a large group of rogues that are working for the mighty alliance Legion, led by prince Jeraziah against the cruel Hellbourne. Because of the rogue role in the Legion, Scout is referred as one individual character because he's first and foremost an individualist. His job, if you will, is to scout and rout enemies to his benefit and the benefit of his squad.

Trained since youth to be swift, silent, and deadly, Scouts spend much of their lives deep in the wild, apart from their brethren. After the alliance with the Beast Horde, they learned yet more ways of the wild, and turned all their craft to defeating the Hellbourne. Though many view them as aloof, none doubt the importance of Scouts in the war against the daemons, as the countless enemy corpses, dead by a single blow, attest.

Character's games and general info

The scout is a quick and agile class, able to get in and out of combat quickly, and has a variety of abilities geared towards ranged attacks, guerilla and stealth tactics, reconnaissance, and attacking enemy structures. The scout is relatively frail and not able to go toe to toe with most enemies in prolonged combat, but when the scout is able to get in to strike and get out safely, he can do a massive amount of damage.

As their name suggests, scouts are also the best way to survey and keep an eye on the battlefield. They can detect hidden and disguised enemies, and are critical for ensuring that the enemy team doesn't get the drop on you.

Overview of powers



  • Dash: Exerting notable amounts of energy, the Scout is able to dash at great speed in and out of combat. This speed is remarkable and far higher than the already superhuman speed that the Scout is able to travel in. While exerting this particular amount of energy, the Scout is not only faster but also more agile, capable of throwing himself great distances, jumping great lengths and even climb particularly tough heights with increased ease.
  • Flurry: The scout attacks with fast strikes which deal a relatively low amount of damage at low range. His flurry is somewhat stiff, but the fast strikes along with the scout's high amount of stamina help to make up for it. The scout's flurry consists of 4 swings, but the last may not be useful in most combat situations due to the scout's need to keep moving in combat. The scout's high speed and stamina makes the scout's jump attack very useful as he can dart in and out of combat, initiating combat from the air.
  • Crossbow combat: The crossbow is a mid-range weapon which fires bolts at a relatively low rate of fire. While the crossbow doesn't deal much damage, it allows the scout to continue to participate in battles from a safe distance whenever it's possible to move in for close combat. The crossbow is also an excellent fall-back weapon for when there are no arrows left for the marksman bow (Primary ranged weapon)
  • Bow combat: The marksman bow can fire arrows at enemies from an extreme distance, allowing scouts to soften up or outright kill enemies before they can get into normal combat range. Skilled use of this weapon will allow the scout to eliminate enemy support classes from a distance, allowing teammates playing as heavier classes to move in and take out enemy players without being impeded by enemy support.
  • Backstab: The backstab ability allows the scout to capitalize on his stealth and use of guerilla tactics to occasionally deal massive damage to enemy players. The backstab ability will deal a significant amount of damage regardless of the scout's relation to his enemy, but if the scout backstabs from behind, he'll deal far more damage.
  • Marksman's Shot: The Scout uses his crossbow to perform a devastating ranged attack on a single target, dealing immense damage as well as cripples the enemy with a potent slowing effect, significantly reducing their ability to move.
  • Electric Eye: Electric eyes allow the scout and his teammates (and perhaps, most importantly, his commander) to keep an eye on key areas of the battlefield. When placed, the eye will continue to reveal an area until an enemy destroys it. Electric eyes can reveal disguised enemies, preventing your teammates from being caught off guard. Electric eyes also will place a marker on all nearby enemy players, allowing teammates on the field to more easily locate and target them. An incredibly useful ability if it's a hunting session.
  • Demo Pack: The demo pack is a small bundle of explosive chemicals which, when placed, will explode to cause massive damage (unless destroyed by an enemy before going of). Demo packs are primarily intended for damaging structures - they can deal massive damage and eliminate them with just a few uses. Demo packs are also great for taking down enemy base defenses, especially when used in conjunction with the Scout's stealth ability.
  • Stealth: Stealth allows the scout to move around without being seen by enemy players, this turning the Scout completely invisible to the naked eye. It's best used for sneaking in to backstab an enemy, as well as for getting into bases to lay demo packs.

Equipment info, quotes, feats




Keep in mind that Scout is first and foremost a strategy game character, so his quotes are not particularly deep

  • I walk the road of vengeance
  • For the Legion
  • I'll check it out
  • Like a whisper
  • Bodies 'r gonna fall
  • They're already dead
  • They're in my sight
  • One shot, one kill
  • My mission is death
  • I'm a shadow
  • Scout 'em and rout 'em
  • Give me names- I'll give you blood
  • I'll find my way
  • Your presence is unnerving
  • Go do some reconn
  • You're gonna blow my cover

Notable debates

Gelu v.s. Scout

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  • Scout is known as Marksman in the game Savage 2
  • Scout is one of the most undervalued heroes in Heroes of Newerth
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