Samus Aran

Samus Aran is the protagonist of the Metroid series.

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Samus is the protagonist of the Metroid game series. Debuting in 1986, Samus was one of the first female protagonists in video games.

In-universe, Samus was born and spent her childhood on the planetary mining colony K-2L. When she was four years old, the planet was attacked by invading Space Pirates, looking for a bounty. Amidst the carnage, the leader of the Pirates, Ridley, killed her parents, and then destroyed the planet. Samus, the sole human survivor of the attack, was taking in by the bird-like Chozo and brought to their planet of Zebes. There, she was infused with their DNA, giving her a strong resistance to harsh conditions, and began training as a warrior, eventually outfitted with a Chozo Power Suit that integrates directly into her body and mind.

Samus initially joined the Galactic Federation, but left after the death of her Commanding Officer Adam Malkovich, and became a freelance bounty hunter. Her first mission in this capacity is, ironically enough, returning to her adoptive home of Zebes, where Space Pirates have invaded and settled into the planet's vast network of caves as a base. Samus infiltrated the base, collecting many Chozo artifacts designed to integrate with her Power Suit. Along the way she destroyed the giant Pirate beast Kraid, and revenged herself on Ridley. Entering Tourian, she was attacked by the fanged floating lifeforms that would later become such a huge blight in her life. She destroyed them and found the Mother Brain, a Chozo supercomputer corrupted and reprogrammed by the Space Pirates to rapidly grow the dangerous Metroids. Annihilating it caused a self-destruct sequence to begin in the base, and Samus only barely escaped to the surface and her ship. However, she was shot down by a Pirate fighter and crash-landed near their mother ship, damaging her suit in the process. She snuck in to find an alternate way to escape. Passing through the ruins of Chozodia on the way led to finding an enhanced Power Suit with more abilities than before, and with that she attacked, destroying the security drone Mecha Ridley and commandeering a Pirate fighter to escape the following explosion. Mission complete.

Relatively soon after, Samus received and investigated a distress call coming from the orbit of Tallon IV. She discovered it was the Space Pirate Frigate Orpheon, which had fled from the destruction on Zebes. There, she found the crew had been slain by their own experiments, strangely mutated creatures. Samus defeated an attacking Parasite Queen, which fell into the reactor core, causing a catastrophic chain reaction. (Seeing a theme here?) Samus escaped the ship, damaging her suit in the process, but came across a cybernetically-rebuilt Ridley. Ridley headed down to Tallon IV and Samus took off in pursuit.

On Tallon IV, Samus searched for Ridley, recovering abilities for her Power Suit along the way, mostly left by the Chozo population that had once lived there. She discovered that the Pirates were experimenting with Phazon, a mysterious radioactive material with incredible mutagenic properties. The source of the Phazon seemed to be some sort of meteorite deep within the planet. The Chozo, sensing the danger, sealed the Impact Crater and used 12 Artifacts to lock it. Samus collected the Artifacts (defeating Ridley once again) and descended into the Crater, where she found Metroid Prime, an individual Metroid heavily mutated from feeding off of Phazon energy. Samus destroyed it and escaped the collapsing Crater, but not before Metroid Prime had latched onto her in desperation, pulling off her Suit's Phazon-absorbing modifications. The Impact Crater was destroyed, the source of Phazon eradicated, and Tallon IV was saved.

(To Be Continued…)

Overview of powers

Samus' Power Suit enhances her physical and mental abilities far beyond normal human levels. Different versions of the Suit grant different abilities, which will be covered in the Equipment section below. Across the board, Samus' default powers are the ability to survive underwater, in a vacuum, and in extreme cold, the ability to jump to a height between 6-10 feet, and the ability to survive long drops with no damage from the fall. She is also surprisingly nimble and acrobatic, capable of jumping off walls and running at a sustained speed for an indefinite period. Trained by the Chozo in the art of war, she is a master of combat and combat thinking, consistently battling and defeating adversaries several times larger than herself.


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