Ridley Prime

Ridley Prime is an off topic lurker, who rarely posts outside the official off topic thread.


Is a pretty sarcastic, but genuine KMC member who posts mostly in the off-topc thread, but posts a lot in VS threads (not limited to those on the Games Versus Forum) and game threads as well. Although seemingly quiet, and withdrawn, Ridley can be a formidable debator when so inclined. Such occasions are becoming rare, however. Not anymore as of late.

Frequence of posting/Posting style

More often than not, Ridley Prime seems to do it for the lulz, but sometimes it's for the common good. For example, derailing potentially destructive threads.

Favourite game characters (in no particular order)

  • Albert Wesker
  • Ada Wong
  • Jill Valentine
  • Mewtwo
  • Ridley/Meta Ridley/Omega Ridley
  • Ganon/Ganondorf
  • Scorpion
  • Shang Tsung
  • Onaga
  • Johnny Cage
  • Reptile

Um… etc.?

Favorite games

  • Franchises including (but not limited to) Resident Evil, Metroid, Left 4 Dead, Pokemon, Star Fox, some Legend of Zelda to show he has good taste, Mortal Kombat, Doom, Star Wars games, and some occasional comic-based games, like X-Men and Batman titles.


  • Came up with his username after liking Ridley (the space dragon creature) from the Metroid and Metroid Prime series.
  • Has an unhealthy obsession for short-haired Asian chicks in general and thus developing a strong liking for characters such as Ada Wong from Resident Evil.
  • Likes to hate on gay, cliched characters such as Dark Khan just for the sake of it, which he still sometimes makes funny stuff out of it even to this day.
  • Although he is not very well-known for it by anyone other than Neo Darkhalen, Ridley Prime made a respect thread for Ridley that made up to 32 pages, making it easily the largest, longest surviving thread in the entire Games 'Respect' Forum. It was his utmost dedication that made it last as long as it did. If he wanted, he could bump it and make it have several more pages too, but he thinks he'll wait 'till Metroid: Other M comes out before possibly doing anything like that.
  • While it is sometimes hard for him to do so, he can admit when a character he likes would lose to a character he doesn't like in a VS thread on Games Versus Forum, unlike most fanboys there. He secretly gets a kick out of those who aren't able to do so, the most common example being Burning Thought, the infamous fanboy of Kain.
  • Doesn't like to think of himself as some kind of sick reptile fucking weirdo, even though he may sometimes come off to others as such when he talks about his liking for teh cool dragon characters (including Ridley and Onaga).
  • Originally discovered and came to KMC when he was reading a wikipedia article for Apocalypse (or En Sabah Nur, his favorite comic villain from Marvel whose a frequent enemy of the X-Men), and noticed a link leading to his respect thread on the Comic 'Respect' Forum at the bottom of the page. He eventually came to terms with people on the Computer/Video Games Discussion and other parts of KMC as well, such as the Anime/Manga, Batman, and X-Men forums, as well as some of the Star Wars forums but he doesn't really go there anymore due to his general disgust of the original trilogy (OT) fanboys.
  • Used to go to the Comic 'Versus' Forum as well, but stopped after awhile because he couldn't take the rowdy, spammy nature of the place and it often had too much traffic for him to even keep up with what threads he posted in and what threads he lurked in. He mostly debated for Apocalypse of course, and a couple of his other comic favorites as well like Deathstroke and what not.
  • Still thinks Broly is overrated.

Other Members

Neo Darkhalen: Joined KMC and started frequenting Computers/Video Games Discussion and the like a couple months or so after Ridley Prime joined, when he was still a newb to the place. Has changed a lot over time and now he and Prime are best buds on KMC and X-Box Live. Also played a big part in Prime's respect thread for Ridley becoming as active as it did for months and months, among other things.

NemeBro: Through lurking, Ridley Prime was aware of NemeBro's existence and intelligent debating style from quite some time before NemeBro and the RAGE became aware of him. Ridley likes it when NemeBro makes funny posts here and there (even if they contain jokes that can be viewed as disgusting which usually irk Nemesis X), especially if they're posts made in his joke threads involving Dark Khan. Ridley Prime also gets a kick out of the quarrels NemeBro occasionally has with Nemesis X, SmashBro, and the like, where NemeBro usually emerges the victor. Despite disagreeing with NemeBro's views on Batman, Ridley Prime still sees NemeBro as a pretty cool user in general, and would hate it if he ever got perma-banned.

Wei Phoenix: Ironically, Ridley and him first became aware of one another when Ridley Prime was randomly making respect threads for most of the Killer Instinct characters last year around December, shortly before the winter break began. He commented on how awesome Ridley was when he made the respect thread for Fulgore, and the two have pretty much been friends ever sense. Very close in age to Ridley (both being 22 now and only a few months apart), Wei Phoenix's arrival on KMC was similar to how Ridley discovered KMC himself through Apocalypse's respect thread, by googling a Hulk vs Juggernaut thread that was going on at the time in Comic 'Versus'. Ridley added Wei Phoenix as a friend on X-Box Live later in early 2009 and got his ass handed to him in Mortal Kombat vs DC when Wei used Captain Marvel (Shazam!), but when they both had Left 4 Dead and Resident Evil 5 afterward, they both pretty much played that together afterward from time to time.

Relations with other users to be continued, later on.


Most win

  • Was the first to coin Liu Kang as "Liu Lame" to poke fun at SmashBro's fanboyism of the character. Many others soon followed.
  • Making fun of (or imitating) Nemesis X's anger about Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe's T rating, among other trivial details of the sort.

Most hilarious

Most fail

Most fanboy/girlish moments.

  • Getting mad and going into "rant mode" when Ridley and Mewtwo were not playable in Super Smash Bros Brawl after the revealing of the roster the day it was leaked before the game's eventual release.
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