Rapidash is the cool, calm, and straight forward debator that KMC needs to have around more often. She is methodical and thorough in her posts, and able to remain calm at all times.


Becci is generally a calm, friendly poster, putting forth a strong effort to remain civil while posting in threads. She is one of the more intelligent posters in game vs., but unlike that pile of garbage Dark-Jaxx does not openly flaunt it over the heads of the masses, preferring to mantain her dignity by acting in a more composed and reserved manner. She does not anger easily, to draw her ire is a rare feat that few accomplish, and if you manage to do so, chances are you're an asshole. All in all she is an intelligent, friendly, and likeable person to know.

Frequence of posting/Posting style

Rapidash posts infrequently, but when she does post, her words are heard. Her content to post ratio is definitely in the positive range. She generally has a logical, but friendly and casual, debating-style, and the fiction she most favors in debates is Warcraft, she could be considered an authority on the series in fact.

Favourite characters

Favorite games


  • Is one of the few people on KMC Dark-Jaxx considers a friend and an equal.
  • Is an excellent role-player.
  • Is pretty hot. =)


Most win

Most hilarious

Most fail

Most fanboy/girlish moments.

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