She likes cheesecake. And chocolate. And stuff. Yeah, she's like that.



She's a little strange. Pretty shy, mostly nice and sweet, but she doesn't exactly have a nice temper. And she likes nerdy stuff. Most of the time she's quiet and not very talkative, but if you get her on a subject she likes a lot, it's hard to get her to shut up.

Frequence of posting/Posting style

Alana really doesn't participate in the actual debate threads much. When it comes down to it, she doesn't have the patience for the hard-headed stubbornness that is usually seen in the Vs. threads, and is more likely to lose her temper after struggling to speak to a brick wall.

That, and she just doesn't care if Mega Man could defeat Mario or not.

Most of her posting these days, outside of the RP forums, is in mod capacity, being a global mod on KMC and also the mod of the Video Games forums for the past four years. Well, she thinks it's been four. She can't exactly remember at this point, but it's been a long time. She tends to be fairly lenient most of the time, though annoy her too much and she'll turn into the strictest mod on KMC in a split second. She especially dislikes people who create duplicate threads, or who complain when they get called out for breaking rules.

And she doesn't appreciate being told her job by people who are completely clueless and know nothing about what they are talking about.

Favourite characters

  • Princess Peach
  • Zelda
  • Farah (Prince of Persia)
  • Elika (Prince of Persia)
  • Lulu (FFX)

Favorite games

  • Final Fantasy X
  • Dragon Warrior
  • Prince of Persia: Sands of Time
  • Guild Wars
  • Lego Star Wars
  • Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time


  • She works in a game store.
  • She is in fact not at all a tomboy, but very girly.
  • She likes to bake and knit.
  • She loves roleplaying. So much fun. And insane. And stuff. Real roleplaying for the most part, with rules systems and dice and all that jazz. Ask her about the RPs she's in, and she can ramble forever.
    • She's also a completely evil GM. Seriously, "cleaning" grenades.
      • What can I say. They're fun. Anti-grav grenades, even more.
  • She staffs at one of the largest anime conventions in the US.
  • She got her boyfriend to do so as well ^_^
  • SHE LOVE BUNNIES. And kitties. And squirrels. Basically, small fuzzy animals are awesome. This is because she's practically a bunny/kitty herself.
  • She is pretty much a walking Matrix encyclopedia.
  • She obsesses majorly over Star Wars, but is a hardcore canon purist and is far from afraid to point out flaws in the series.
  • She's also absolutely nuts for Sailor Moon.
  • Rumor has it she likes things that involve knots and ropes…
    • Rumor has it she's not the only one.
  • It is also rumored that she is a powerful black mage, with some knowledge of white magic.
  • She also has pretty big boobs. Yeah.


Most win

  • "Use the Force, moron!"
  • "I resorted to shooting someone to get them out of my way once"

Most hilarious

Most fail

Most fanboy/girlish moments.

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