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  • Devil May Cry 4


Nero is the son of Vergil and an unknown woman. He was bastardized by his parents and raised in an orphanage in Fortuna. He would then live with Kyrie and Credo after their parents found a liking to Nero’s white hair. He would become close friends with Kyrie and Credo and become a holy knight in the Order of the Sword, a religious organization that worships Sparda, the legendary dark knight that saved the human world from the Devil King and his minions. He was taught how to fight with a sword by Credo but wasn’t too much into the religion.

Soon, Nero’s foster parents were killed by demons which caused him to turn to Atheism because “god” didn’t save kind people who had served him with their lives (his foster parents were faithful believers in Order of the Sword). But that did not stop him from becoming a holy knight because he wanted to follow Credo’s footsteps and protect Fortuna from demons. He is not popular with the Order because of his use of firearms since they believe that swords are a more honorable weapon to use in battle (and their god used a sword to end the demonic reign 2000 years ago). Nero believes that any weapon should be necessary to defeat the enemy. Because of the Order’s view towards firearms, he had to learn about guns on his own and managed gain enough knowledge to be able to make customized revolver, the Blue Rose.
One day, his right arm changed into that of a demon’s but it is never explained how it happened. He kept the arm hidden in an arm sling to eliminate suspicion.

At the beginning of Devil May Cry 4, Nero is seen coming in late to Kyrie’s performance at the Fortuna Cathedral. Sometime during the religious service, Dante appears and assassinates the leader of the Order, Sanctus. The action had caused a panic among the Order and the holy knights arrived to deal with Son of Sparda but they were wiped out easily. Just as Dante was about to go after Credo, Nero steps in and battles the Son of Sparda. Nero discovers that Dante isn’t human after he witnesses him surviving impalement through the chest. Dante reveals that the holy knights were in fact demons and flees the scene. Once that is over, Nero is given a customized sword, Red Queen, by Kyrie and is ordered by Credo to pursue the Son of Sparda.

As they all leave the cathedral, they discover that the city is overrun with demons. Credo and Kyrie lead the survivors to safety, while Nero defeats the invaders. Nero goes off to Fortuna Castle to search for Dante. He battles demons along the way including Berial, a high-ranking demon.

At the entrance of Fortuna Castle, he meets Gloria (actually Trish in disguise) who claims to be a new member of the Order. Nero would discover that demons are dwelling in the castle and have even possessed armor of the holy knights. He defeats Bael, an ice demon frog and stumbles in a secret laboratory where he would meet Agnus, the Order’s Alchemist who’s existence is not commonly known. Agnus reveals that he has created Hell Gates to summon demons for the use of experiments and to help Sanctus rule the world. Afterwards, he sends Bianco Angelos to kill Nero. Nero is impaled onto a wall and is slowly dying. Suddenly, he is lit up by a blue aura and resurrects Yamato, the sword once wielded by Vergil. He activates a Devil Trigger which led to Agnus being revealed to be a demon. Nero then heads to the Order of the Sword HQ to ask Credo about what is going on.

He finds Dante but the meeting is brief. He follows Dante through a forest and encounters Echidna, which he defeats. At the entrance of the HQ, he meets Credo but is threatened with arrest. Credo transforms into an angel-like demon form and fights Nero. Nero ends up winning (with Credo reverting to human form) but Kyrie appears, now seeing him as a threat. Agnus appears, all of a sudden, and kidnaps Kyrie and reveals that he is using her to lead Nero to Sanctus. Both holy knights are angered by this and go inside the HQ to deal with this matter.

Nero finds Agnus but fails to kill him and rescue Kyrie. Upset about this, he still continues the search. He bumps into Dante, who wants Yamato. They both fight but with no winner. Nero discovers that Dante was holding back the entire time and is allowed to keep Yamato for the time being. Before they go their separate ways they reveal their names to each other.
Nero would then encounter Sanctus, who is still alive and is using Kyrie to lead the holy knight and use both of them to form the core of a giant Sparda statue called The Savior. Nero fights the leader of the Order but ends up being absorbed into the Savior’s heart.

Later, he is freed by Dante who pierces the heart of the Savior with Yamato. Nero awakens but has lost his Red Queen and Blue Rose (at least according to the DMC4 Novel). Using Yamato, he fights his way inside the Savior and faces Sanctus. He defeats him and frees Kyrie.

They escape and it seems all is done but Sanctus fuses with Savior to become the False Savior in a desperate attempt to defeat his foes. Nero, now fully accepting what he truly is, destroys the False Savior. Nero then thanks Dante for the help and offers to return Yamato. Dante tells Nero to keep the sword before parting. Kyrie then embraces Nero, even with the sight of his demonic arm. As they are about to kiss, they are interrupted by demons which Nero slays. The kiss would have to wait.

According to the DMC4 Novel, Nero and Kyrie are currently helping those who have lost their homes and family.


Nero is cocky and rebellious similar to how Dante was in DMC3. He is loyal to his friends especially Kyrie, whom he loves more anything. In fact, he loves Kyrie so much that he ends up going into emotional tantrums when he fails to save her. He also has little interest in religion as he is an Atheist (though he may not be one anymore after he accepted his own existence).

Overview of Powers

Nero has superhuman abilities but it is unknown whether he was born with them or if they appeared when his right arm changed. Nero has superhuman speed and agility that surpasses any human athlete and is capable of dodging bullets. He has superhuman strength that allows him to throw his opponents one-handed or send them flying with a strike. He can also make high jumps and run along surfaces without being affected by gravity.

His main abilities rests in his demonic arm. He has greater super strength in the arm as it can toss heavy objects and shatter the ground. It is also durable enough to block powerful impacts without any damage and can empower his Blue Rose shots. The main use of the arm is the ability known as Devil Bringer. This ability allows a spectral arm to appear briefly near Nero and imitate the actions of the right arm. The size of this spectral arm depends on the amount of power used and its abilities can be expanded by allowing the right arm to absorb certain items. The Devil Bringer allows Nero to have an extra appendage, snatch enemies from a distance, perform greater feats of strength, propel himself to hard-to-reach areas, animate gyro blades, use an auto-search to find secret items, cause demonic trees to wither and use enemies as shields via limited telekinesis.

When he gained Yamato, he is able to survive mortal wounds and have instant regeneration much like Dante. He also gained a Devil Trigger where he is surrounded by a blue aura, has red eyes, and has a spectral demon appearing behind him which mimics his every move. At this state, his attacks and Devil Bringer become more powerful and is able to shoot waves of energy from Yamato, powerful enough to put a hole in a stone wall. He could also combine the Red Queen and Yamato to unleash a powerful attack.

Nero is skilled with swords and firearms.


  • Blue Rose

-A revolver customized by Nero. It has two barrels that allow it to fire two shots at once. The gun actually uses two different kinds of bullets and there is a split lag between the shots. One bullet pierces the enemy's defense and one bullet does the actual damage. The gun can be powered up with the Devil Bringer. The Blue Rose has a rose motif on the handle which symbolizes the idea of "the impossible made possible", which was something he learned from a book. It was dissolved when Nero was imprisoned in the Savior (in the DMC4 novel).

  • Red Queen

-This is a modified version of the sword used by the Order and was designed by Agnus. It used a motorcyle-gear shift to spray a flammable propellant onto the blade to increase the power of its strikes. The modifications make the sword heavy to wield and only meant for Nero to use, who can swing the weapon with one hand. It was dissolved when Nero was imprisoned in the Savior (in the DMC4 novel).

  • Yamato

-A katana that was once wielded by Vergil. It can cut through almost anything and is capable of attacking from long distances.


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Berial: When I came to this world 2000 years ago, there was no such human as the likes of you.
Nero: Wanna make it another 2000?
Berial: Silence!

Bael: You’re stronger than you look with a smart ass mouth to match
Nero: Cut me some slack. I’m just not big on toads.
Bael: Foooool! You think I care what you say?!
Nero: If we don’t finish this quickly, it’s gonna scar me for life.
Bael: I will crush you!

Agnus: I am Agnus. Working in secrecy, very few are p-p-p-privy to my existence.
Nero: Funny, to figure an Order official out for a scroll in a hellhole kinda place like this
Agnus: “Hellhole”!? Watch your words! Just as fouled mouthed as I had heard…. The rumors prove true. As will the new ones concerning your d-d-d-demise.
Nero: Don’t you think that’s a little harsh? Killing me because of the way I t-t-t-talk?


Nero: From that day forth…my arm changed…and a voice echoed "Power! Give me more power!"…and if I become a demon, so be it…I'll endure the exile…anything, to protect her!

Agnus: Tha-tha-tha-that’s demonic power! How can it be…?
Nero: Look who’s talking, jackass. Answer my question. What the hell’s going on here?

Dante: What took you so long?
Nero: You… What are you doing here? Forget it, I don't have time for this.
Dante: And neither do I, so I'll cut to the chase. I'm here for the sword.
Nero: Your point being?
Dante: It was originally my brother's. Return it to me and I'll let you go, kid.
Nero: Kid? Well… if that's how you see me, I think you'll blush a pretty pink when I kick your ass!

Dante: [after their battle concludes] You cooled off yet, kid? What's the matter? Why the glare?
Nero: You look as if you've just been playing me from the beginning.
Dante: That sword was used to separate our world from the demons. I can't have something of that kinda power floating around now, can I? It's got to stay in the family.
Nero: I need this…
Dante: Then keep it. Now that you're calm and cool, get going.
Dante: [as Nero walks off] Hey! What's your name?
Nero: Nero. You're Dante, right? Not a bad name.
[again, walks off]
Dante: Neither is yours.

Sanctus: Is it not your wish to become one with her? Within the savior your mortal bodies will combine, melting into one to manifest and create his core! A thing of utter and pure beauty.
Nero: Go blow yourself.

Nero: I'm not interested in your bullshit!

Nero: You know, God, I always hated that you made my arm like this… But now with it I can destroy this thing. Who would've thought?

Nero: [To the False Savior] Now I know… This hand was made for sending guys like you back to hell! And … now… you… DIE!!! [crushes False Savior's head]

Character Feats

  1. At 1:22-1:40, 1:53-2:02, and 2:37-2:58, Nero is seen defeating Scarecrows with superstrength and then with one of their scythe-like arms. It also shows Nero running along a wall and bouncing off the heads of the demons. At 7:31 and on, we see Nero squaring off against Dante and displaying impressive abilities including knocking the Son of Sparda away with a dropkick, making high jumps, making an impossible reload, and swordfighting one-handed.
  2. At 0:02-0:33, Nero's right arm withstands Dante's Rebellion. The sword impact sent the surrounding benches flying and completely destroys the arm sling that the demonic arm was covered in. The arm receives no damage at all. After the action, Nero throws Dante away and tosses a giant stone sword with one hand. At 0:50-0:57, he grabs the Rebellion at the tip and throws it and Dante across the room. At 1:14, Nero kicks a bench so hard that it slides across the room and causes other benches to scatter. At 1:44-2:07, he sends Dante flying, catches him before he crashes into a wall, punches him to the ground so hard that it makes a crater, beats him up, tosses Dante one-handed across the room, and then throws Rebellion, impaling him at a high wall. At 3:52-4:48, Nero holds Red Queen with one arm which Kyrie could barely drag when it was in the box. 6:44-6:53, Nero saves Kyrie and a little boy from Scarecrows just when their blades were close to cutting them. Nero puts out a town fire with a swing of the sword (9:03-9:07) is strong enough to stop Berial's sword with his own (9:35).
  3. At 5:05, Nero blocks a Bianco Angelo spear with a book. At 7:09-7:43, he grabs Bael by the antenna, slams him, twirls him, and tosses the demon. He then finishes off the frog with a punch that causes him to bounce off a wall and spin on the ground, dead. At 8:10, the force of his punch sends a group of Dagons flying, despite only hitting one of them.
  4. At 6:07, Nero is impaled to by a Bianco Angelo and then staked to the wall where he eventually gets impaled by a sword-like demon in 7:30. As he's dying, he activates a Devil Trigger (8:36 and on) and repairs the Yamato. He causes a big explosion to sends Agnus out of the area and into his demon form. Next, Nero shoots an explosive wave which creates a big hole in the ceiling corner.
  5. 0:00-0:10, we see the damage caused by the explosive wave. At 0:26-0:40, the Devil Trigger ends, and his mortal wounds have disappeared. He runs along Echidna while in motion at 4:58-5:07. 7:22-7:27 shows Nero dodging a sword slash from Credo and then deflecting another with his demon arm. 8:54-8:58 shows Nero grabbing Credo by the sword and then easily tossing him away.
  6. At 0:36-0:40, Agnus's transformation sends Credo flying but only pushes Nero a bit. Nero easily fends off several Bianco Angelo at 3:14-3:20. 5:05 shows him eliminating a group of those knights with Devil Trigger burst. At, 5:55-6:11, Nero easily dodges two Mephisto claws and is able to avoid a surprise attack from a Faust. 6:55 shows Nero being slammed into a wall and without any damage. He shows another explosive wave at 7:30, which destroys a stone pillar.
  7. 6:42-6:47, shows Nero dodging a reflected attack. At 8:07-8:27, Nero frees Kyrie (without cutting her), finishes off Sanctus, and holds Kyrie just before Sparda hits the ground.
  8. 2:09-2:32 shows the Devil Bringer at its strongest.

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  • Nero’s birth date is June 28, 1985.
  • Nero uses lines that were said by Vergil in the final battle in Devil May Cry 3. The Spectral demon that appears during his Devil Trigger resembles Nero Angelo, the form that Vergil took when he served Mundus.
  • Nero is voiced and motion captured by Adam Yong Bosch who played the role of the Black Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and was the dub VA of Ichigo from Bleach.
  • When using the Devil Bringer on Alto Angelo during a Devil Trigger, Nero performs Zangief's Final Atomic Buster.
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