"Human? Ha ha ha… <mournful laughter>. I left my humanity behind long ago, young warchief. I am something.. different now"


Medivh was born to Aegwyn, the Guardian of Tirisfal. However, months earlier, when he was still in his mother’s womb, the spirit of Sargeras entered her body and possessed his mind. There, hidden
from Aegwyn’s senses, Sargeras’ spirit lay dormant for many years. It awoke after Medivh had grown up and accepted the mantle of Guardian of Tirisfal from his mother. Sargeras bent Medivh’s mind to his will, and used the young Guardian’s powers to communicate between worlds and contact Gul’dan with a series of visions. The visions that Medivh sent to the orc warlock were of Azeroth, portraying it as a world full of riches and life that would be easy for the Horde to conquer.
Medivh then created a portal between Draenor and Azeroth for the orcs to travel through. The ensuing battles between orc and human forces became known as the First War. Sometime during those initial battles, Medivh’s treachery was detected and a squad of human warriors, lead by his friend Anduin Lothar assaulted the Magus tower and slew him. Prior to the Third War, Medivh appeared to the mortal races in an effort to convince them to band together against the Burning Legion. While he never fought directly in the war, he ensured Azeroth’s survival and found some redemption for his previous crimes.

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- Medivh was first seen in the original Warcraft game, the first in the trilogy. Here you come across him as a boss whose lair you assault and you slay him. This assault and death is later retconned and elaborate in the book The Last Guardian by Jeff Grubb.

- His next appearance is in Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos, in which he plays the role of the roaming prophet that warn the inhabitants of the world for an impending danger, the return of Archimonde.


- Thirdly, he became a visitor in the World of Warcraft expansion The Burning Crusade, in which you can find him channeling a gateway between Draenor and Azeroth for the orcish horde, this when you travel back in time through the caverns of the Bronze Dragonflight. Upon completing the protection of Medivh, he will thank you and be on his way.

Overview of powers

- Origin: The Guardian of Tirisfal, also known as Guardian of the Tirisfalen, was a single mortal champion magically empowered by the Council of Tirisfal to secretly fight the Burning Legion and other demons wherever they may appeared on Azeroth.

It was an order of immensely powerful beings who were empowered to protect the world from the Burning Legion over the millennia. The Guardians were imbued with powers from all members of the Order of Tirisfal, becoming extremely powerful mages in their own right. Typically, Guardians took rooms in the Violet Citadel. At the time Aegwynn became Guardian, all Guardians were given the honorific title "Magna", which comes from a dwarven word meaning "protector"

"No matter how learned and knowledgeable, how wise and how wonderful, how powerful and puissant, there is always one more sliver of power, one more bit of knowledge, one more secret to be learned by any mage. I think these two fell into that trap, and called upon forces from beyond the Great Dark Beyond, and paid the price for it. Idiots. They were friends and colleagues, and they were idiots" - Medivh on two Order of Tirisfalen archmages


There can be only one Guardian of Tirisfal at a time. Each Guardian of Tirisfal is empowered through a long ritual by a council of seven archmages. The secrets of this ritual are closely guarded, if not all but forgotten in recent times. A new Guardian of Tirisfal cannot be empowered while the previous one exists. Only through his death, or through an equally long and secret disempowering ritual conducted by the surviving archmages who empowered him, can a Guardian of Tirisfal be stripped of his power.

The only Tirisfalen archmage we have had the pleasure of meeting is Meryl Winterstorm, a rogue Undead magician who has in his short time visible shown us all that a Tirisfalen archmage who has granted a Guardian his powers, thus' leaving himself weakened in terms of potency, can still put up more than enough a fight against entire armies. With his arcane might, Meryl has sent beings the size of ogres flying like feathers.
Meryl is most famous for his move when he, at the brink of death, killed himself and continued living as an undead. One of few Undead walking that isn't the work of Ner'Zhul or Gul'Dan.

How would you like fighting an enemy more than twice Meryl's strength seven times fold?

"An olster has a mood and he kicks the dog. A mage has his moods and a town disappears" - Anduin Lothar


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Medivh is most famous for his return. After Medivh was slain by Lothar and his men, it is verified that Medivh resurrected himself some time after that his apprentice Khadgar had buried him.
He returned for both redemption for his sins as well as to inform the world that the greatest danger was yet to come. Having witnessed the future, Medivh felt obliged to warn humanity and prepare them for the returning Archimonde, General of the Burning Legion.
Medivh is as powerful as it gets when you're talking about magicians in the world of Azeroth. Infused with the power of the magicians in the Order of Tirisfalen, Medivh's might dwarf even the most potent of magicians and walks unrivaled by mortals.
Some of the many things Medivh has proven capable of is teleporting, telekinesis, mastery of the elements, future sight, immortality, arcane mastery, summoning and resurrecting.
Furthermore, he is capable of summoning what's called wards. With these wards, the Magus is capable of empowering himself and allies, as well as weakening enemies and even killing them. Most famous is the ward that was used to prevent a powerful demon (Apparently Sargeras) from nearing.

When Khadgar first met Medivh, his initial task was to hand Medivh a letter written by the mages of the Kirin Tor. Medivh was able to read the letter without so much as looking at or touching it.
He would then shortly after asked Khadgar why he had opened it despite the, by Medivh known although unmentioned fact that the leaders of the Kirin Tor had asked Khadgar not to do so.

Medivh inherited the powers of Aegwynn, stated by both to have grown more powerful than she ever was. Aegwynn in question, his mother, was capable of bringing down the titanic avatar of Sargeras in a single blast. She would then lift the forgotten isles from the bottom of the ocean and create the tomb of Sargeras, in which she placed his avatar and then had the isles lowered beneath the surface once more.

The feat that is most in favor of Medivh in any debate however, is the ability to dodge moves by knowing that they are coming. He could in the same battle fight several foes at once, despite their attempts to flank and ambush. He dodged knives thrown from behind, blocked an instant magical blast and while fighting hand-to-hand, aged one of his opponents significantly, while at the same time regulating the flow of magic, preventing him from using it as a weapon.

Notable debates

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- Medivh Vs. Cloud

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Archimonde, Malfurion, Medivh, Deathwing, Cenarius Vs. Link, Ganondorf, God Kratos, Starkiller, Cloud


- Medivh is Thalassian for "Keeper of Secrets", Thalassian being the language of the Sindorei (Blood Elves)

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