The "LolloveLinkclub"

The lolloveLinkclub is a formal, non-profit organisation, which was conceived in 2008, but only gained a proper name in early 2010.


The club exists to combat ignorance, injustice, and poor taste in music. It believes in "Darwinian debate". The idea that the weak will be weeded out by their own poor arguments. This is similar to the belief that the dumb will weed themselves out of the genepool with their own poor ideas.


The club achieves it's goals through a clever series of traps, trolls, and ridiculous amounts of posts. The traps and trolls work from Darwinian theory, discreditting evil-doers, while dispensing lulz to the up-standing citizens of KMC, while the ridiculous amounts of posts exist to lessen their own eventual work load. They believe that it's better to work hard now, than later, and have been known to turn on one another should it benefit the greater good.


Despite it's prestigious status as a formal organisation, membership is astoundingly easy to obtain. The simple act of ever supporting Link in any thread immediately condemns one to the status of lolLinklover and gains them membership to this tight-knit community. On some occasions, the simple act of being in a thread containing Link, and offering friendly advice is enough to land you here.

For example; this led to this.

Above we see that friendly advice alone exalts you to the status of full-patch member of the lolloveLinkclub, and even makes it likely that you lick Link's ass.

Known members

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