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  • Devil May Cry 3
  • Devil May Cry 4

Lady is a devil hunter who usually works solo but sometimes calling Dante for assistance. She was originally named Mary by her father, Arkham but had rejected the name after he had murdered her mother (which she considers as her only family). At her debut, she was on a mission to kill Arkham (to avenge her mother) and eliminate every demon in sight, which are two things she hated more anything else. She would even kill Dante even though he had saved her life twice Though, she has a change of heart when loses in a fight with the Son of Sparda. She succeeds in killing her father, although went emotional after her revenge became complete. When Lady met Dante in the end, who was sad about losing his brother in the demon world, she begins to realize that not all demons were all evil and that there humans as evil as demons who tried to conquer the world. She was the one who gave the name to Dante’s shop – Devil May Cry.
During her mission of revenge, Lady was a cold and ruthless person who would kill anyone who got in her way. She showed much hatred towards her enemies and wouldn’t think twice about shooting them. Though, she shows a softer side of herself during her emotional moments when Arkham faked his death and she finally kills him, proving she still has feelings towards her father despite the murder of her mother. Afterwards, she acts less serious and is a bit cocky, similar to Dante’s personality. Though, she still takes demon-hunting seriously and won’t stop till they’re no longer a threat to the human world.

Overview of powers

Lady is a normal human who had little combat training at her debut. Despite all this, she’s incredibly skilled at firearms, is extremely acrobatic, and with agility not far from being superhuman. She is able to make flips even with the weight of her rocket launcher strapped to her back, hinting that she is quite strong for a woman her size. She was also able to recover in seconds after being impaled on the leg. Lady is also an expert in motorcycling and can perform impossible jumps with one.


In DMC3, Lady carried stick grenades, a SA Vz.61 Skorpion submachine gun with an attached bayonet, and four pistols including a Desert Eagle and a pair of Colt 1911s. Her main weapon is Kalina Ann, a rocket launcher named after her dead mother. It is capable of launching multiple homing missiles at once and has an attached bayonet that can be fired as a grappling hook. In DMC4, she only has the Kalina Ann but might still have stick grenades.


Arkham: You dare to point a gun at me? Your own kin? Your dear papa?
Lady: The only family I ever had was my mother… and she's dead!

Dante: You want a date? Well, forget it. Because I make a point not to go out with women who shoot me in the head!
Lady: Date a demon? I'm not that desperate!

Dante: What's your name?
Lady: I don't have a name.
Dante: So what should I call you?
Lady: I don't care! Call me anything you want.
Dante: Whatever, Lady.

Arkham: I have some unfinished business to take care of. Help me, Mary.
Lady: Mary died a long time ago. My name is Lady.

Lady: [After killing Arkham] Here I thought I wasn’t going to cry.

Lady: I see. Maybe somewhere out there even a devil may cry when he loses a loved one. Don't you think?
Dante: Maybe.

Lady: What happened next? Nothing, really. We took care of all the remaining devils and that was it. I still have a job to do that's far from done, which is to eliminate every last demon. I need to ensure that monsters like my father never come about again. Then he promised to help me hunt down the demons, even though he's part one himself. But now I realize, there are humans as evil as any devil, as well as calm and compassionate demons in this universe. At least I've found one so-called devil who's able to shed tears for those he cares about. That's enough for me to believe in him.

Lady: Oh, speaking of a kind devil, he finally decided on a name for his shop. It took him quite a while to pick one. Want to know the name? Devil May Cry.

Character Feats

  1. Lady easily handles a group of Hell Sins. She is able to dodge their scythes and make flips even with Kalina Ann strapped to her back. She appears to be a master at firearms and makes a hail of bullets at one her of flips.
  2. Lady makes some impossible reloads.
  3. Lady gets her head banged onto the ground (@ 2:10) and gets stabbed in the leg by her own Kalinna Ann (@ 3:09) but recovers shortly and is fine (4:02). She also is kicked away along with Dante and Vergil but doesn’t appear to be injured (@ 4:44).

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  • Lady is a victim of fan service. From DMC3 to DMC4, she appears to be highly attractive and has her breast increased by three cup sizes. Also, the scars on her face mysteriously disappeared.
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