Kastore is a character that appeared in 'MM3: Isles of Terra' and 'MM7: For Blood and Honor.'

Character's games and general info

  • Might and Magic III: Isles of Terra
  • Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honor

The Ultimate Adventurers of Terra

Kastore is an elven sorcerer hailing from the world of Terra. There is practically nothing known about his past, but during his youth he became one of the eight adventurers(whose apparent goal was the search for the Ancients) of Terra destined for great things. He and his fellow adventurers eventually met a "man" called Corak the Mysterious who was in truth a Guardian sent by the Ancients to apprehend the original Guardian of Terra, Sheltem, whose A.I. had begun to malfunction, causing him to see himself not merely as a guardian and custodian of the world, but as its absolute ruler whose duty was to "protect" Terra from just about anyone and anything.

The second time Kastore and his band encountered Corak, he was battling with Sheltem inside the Ancients' original Terran colonization ship. Evenly matched, the two Guardians fought until Sheltem decided to depart in a nearby escape pod. Corak pursued in another pod after giving Kastore and his comrades quick instructions on how to pilot a nearby starship created by the Ancients named the "Lincoln" in the hopes that they would successfully land on the nacelle-world of XEEN and continue assisting him there.

Divergent Courses

For reasons unclear, however, the adventurers' ship drifted off course and flew towards the world of Colony/Enroth, another planet in the Spinward Rim.

The adventurers landed and hid their spaceship underwater in the shoals near the elven lands of AvLee on the continent of Antagarich. Equipped with wetsuits and Control Cubes, the eight adventurers made their way to dry land just as a battle was taking place between Deyjan armies under Archibald Ironfist and Gavin Magnus's Bracadan scouts. The adventurers' unusual appearance frightened off the battle's remaining survivors.

On the beach, the adventurers argued over what they were going to do next. Kastore and other three adventurers departed to seek out the Deyjan forces, while the other four went after the Bracadian scouts. Kastore and his comrades impressed the then-king of Deyja, Archibald Ironfist, with their knowledge and Archibald accepted them as his advisors. Similarly, the other four adventurers ― led by Resurectra ― became advisors to Gavin Magnus.

Learning more about this "new" world they landed on, Kastore discovered legends of something called "Heavenly Forge." Kastore, now somewhat familiar with Ancient technology, quickly surmised that this Heavenly Forge must be a lost piece of this tech and decided to seek it out. However, Archibald Ironfist was more interested in necromancy and sorcery than in "myths" of the Ancients and was likely unwilling to spend resources to chase after "fairy-tales." This did not bode well with Kastore and his plans so he overthrew King Archibald(how he has done this exactly is somewhat unclear).

Kastore eventually managed to locate the Heavenly Forge. He proved to have been correct: Heavenly Forge was indeed a lost piece of Ancient tech. Unfortunately for him, it was nonfunctional: it needed an adequate energy source.

Kastore surmised that something from their crashed spaceship, the Lincoln, could be used to revive the Heavenly Forge. That something was the Oscillation Overthruster. Unfortunately for Kastore, but fortunately for the world, the other four adventurers(who had allied themselves with Gavin Magnus) got to it first and claimed the Oscillation Overthruster themselves. They used it to activate another lost device of the Ancients, "the Gate." The Gate led them to Webstation Beta-5, a hub of sorts, that connected most of the thousands of worlds in the Spinward Rim. Unfortunately, since the entire Spinward Rim was cut off from the rest of the galaxy and consequently the rest of the Web of Worlds, they could not reach the Ancients. Kastore apparently remained the king of Deyja until the Reckoning(the event in which the world was destroyed when the Sword of Frost and Armageddon's Blade clashed), becoming the last king of Deyja. It's unknown whether Kastore survived the Reckoning, but it is unlikely. This is the canon conclusion of the events.

In the non-canon "bad" ending, Kastore and his allies acquire the Oscillation Overthruster first and reactivate the Heavenly Forge. They use it to create hundreds of copies of Kastore's blaster, allowing them to conquer the continent of Antagarich and probably the rest of the planet. This was originally planned to be the canon ending.

Overview of powers

Kastore is a powerful sorcerer with magic knowledge of two worlds under his belt. He knows many powerful and varied spells ranging from teleportation, protective spells, to time dilation, to flight. He is also able to enchant his equipment and has a good understanding of Ancient technology.


  • A suit of somewhat generic armour
  • Blaster

Equipment info, quotes, feats

A Blaster is a sidearm created by the Ancients. It's a weapon of awesome power capable of dealing severe damage to a living or non-living organism ranging from humanoids to dragons. It shoots energy beams at extremely high velocities.

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Kastore's name might be a pun on the word "caster," as he is a spellcaster.

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