JUSTICE!, is an omnipotent force, composed entirely of morality. It is enforced by laws, natural, or otherwise, through out all universes, everywhere, beyond time and space. It is unbreakable and indomitable.

The Word "JUSTICE!" in use

With a word like "JUSTICE!" that means so much, it can be very difficult to know when it is appropriate to use the word. The following are examples of appropriate situations to use the word "JUSTICE!":

  • In Marvel v.s. Capcom 2, Final Justice is Captain America's finisher.
  • "…the shovel is indestructable. It will never break, no matter what. It's made of pure justice." -ScreamPaste on Link's Shovel Gauntlet '09.
  • "*thumbs up* JUSTICE! approved." -MooCowofJustice on The Song of Time.
  • "Not cool. Do you know what happens to 17 year old boys in prison, dude? This is a travesty of justice." -CosmicCube on a teenager being sent to jail.
  • "Sweet Justice! Newman, you are wise!" -Kramer on Newman's bike decision, Seinfeld.

Heralds of JUSTICE!

Many people throughout the multiverse have been chosen to become a Herald of JUSTICE!. The following is a list of the currently known Heralds of JUSTICE! and their current status.

Do not be alarmed if some of your idols are not on this list, as many more notable heroes have been offered this opportunity, but have declined for reasons of their own. This list is also incomplete as MooCowofJustice does not know all of his comrades names. It is a large multiverse out there.

Anyone inactive may be so due to a need of them within their universe. But they may disappear at any given point due to a need of their service. For example, Captain America's first death in his universe was due to a need of him during the third multiversal war.


  • #1 Identity unknown— Status unknown
  • #2 Chuck Norris— Active
  • #3 Unknown
  • #4 Unknown
  • #5 Mario— Active
  • #6 Unknown
  • #7 Captain America— Inactive
  • #8 Link— Inactive
  • #9 Captain Falcon— Inactive
  • #10 Unknown
  • #11 Unknown
  • #12 Unknown
  • #13 Unknown
  • #14 Unknown
  • #15 Unknown
  • #16 Freakazoid— Active
  • #17 Master Roshi— Deceased
  • #18 Gandalf the White— Active
  • #19 Luigi— In training…still
  • #20 Unknown
  • #21 Unknown
  • #22 Unknown
  • #23 Unknown
  • #24 Bill Cosby— Retired
  • #25 Unknown
  • #26 Altair— Active
  • #27 Merlin— Deceased
  • #28 King Arthur— Active
  • #29 Pang Tong— Inactive
  • #30 Unknown
  • #31 Unknown
  • #32 Unknown
  • #33 Unknown
  • #34 This being's name cannot be read by human eyes— Active
  • #35 Goku— Active
  • #36 Unknown
  • #37 Zero— Active
  • #38 Unknown
  • #39 Unknown
  • #40 Chowder— Active
  • #41 Regigigas— Inactive
  • #42 MooCow of Justice— Active
  • #43 As yet unchosen
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