Hexis was the primary antagonist in the game Heroes of Might and Magic IV: The Gathering Storm.

General info

Virtually nothing is known about Hexis' origins, past, or his motives. What is known of him is that he is a mad sorcerer of great power who has combined two very unlikely magics: Death and Nature schools of magic(whether is this the cause or result of his madness is unclear). When Hexis' ever increasing powers started to become a problem, five friends and heroes decided to stop him before he grew out of control. To do this however, they needed to gather five powerful artifact sets from across the whole land to even have hope at standing against Hexis.

Overview of powers

Unlike with most other villains, Hexis' powers increase as the game progresses. At the beginning of the game he is able to create somewhat powerful storms and minor floods/tidal waves, but nothing too catastrophic. By the end of the game, however, Hexis is able to rearrange entire landscapes and knows many powerful, rare high-end spells.


Hexis wears what looks like metalic, spiked armour. It's unknown if his armor contains any magical properties, but it is likely.


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