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Ganondorf is the main antagonist of the Legend of Zelda game series. He is unarguably one of Nintendo's few competant villains, whereas characters such as King K. Rool and Bowser are generally bumbling buffoons, Ganon is cold and efficient as a villain. He has posed a very real threat to Hyrule numerous times, actually controlling the world at one point, and despite being defeated time and time again he lives on to concoct a new plan. Ganon is one of the few constants in the Zelda series, most of the games have a different Link and Zelda, but it is always the same Ganon. The overall goal of his plot is always world domination, but his means to achieve it are rarely the same.

Now, for Ganon's origins. Ganon was born as the first male Gerudo in 100 years, and per Gerudo tradition was raised as their king, raised by the malevolent Gerudo witches Koume and Kotake, the twin sisters known as Twinrova. During his youth as a king, Ganon was forced to watch his own people suffer and die daily from the harsh climate of the Gerudo Desert, the winds and the sun brought nothing but death. It was during this time he also began observing Hyrule, and how the winds were calm and peaceful, and how it brought nothing but life. He envied that wind, wished to have it for himself and his people. However, this prolonged envy combined with Twinrova's influence morphed this envy into a bitter hatred for Hyrule, he eventually did not care for his people, and his simple envy turned into a twisted plot for revenge against Hyrule, a plot to utterly dominate the planet under his will. However, despite already being quite possibly the most powerful mortal on the planet with his already impressive physical, martial, and arcane prowess, along with political power as the King of the Gerudo, it was not enough to control Hyrule. As powerful as he was, he was still subjected to the limits of mortals. He would need Divine Influence to rule Hyrule. He would need the Triforce, the power of the Three Goddesses who shaped the planet itself. This would give him the power to dominate Hyrule unopposed. That is the story of Ganondorf's early life.

Now, for Ganondorf's personality. Although he may of once possessed a sense of nobility, even goodness, that trait of his has been gone for hundreds of years. He is pure evil. His outer personality is calm, collected, but cold, calculating, and arrogant. However, this is just a ruse. Ganondorf hides it well, but on the inside, he is a bitter, wrathful, and manic man, in times where his plans were foiled for example, his calm personality would completely deteriorate and reveal him for what he is, a twisted, raging madman who desires to crush any and all who oppose him. Despite being faced with the knowledge that he could not win the battle, and losing the Triforce of Power, in WW he instead with a wide grin and a villainous laugh rushed Link and Zelda in vain to kill them, beyond all reason and logic. Ultimately, he is a twisted, utterly insane individual, who puts up a composed front that only hides the seething rage within him.

His power physically, magically, and as a warrior were great when he was mortal, but with the Triforce of Power, he has ascended into Godhood. He is able to amplify his already impressive physical attributes tremendously, along with his arcane abilities. His feats are as amazing as destroying his fortress while in a near-death state, or as subtle as simple cosmical awareness, able to view things far away from himself through Divine means. He has displayed dimensional powers, telekinetic powers, and soul powers, actually, he is able to use the first and third simultanously with the use of Twilight Magic which he gains in TP. He has levitated his entire fortress, destroyed islands, and at the peak of his power when he had the full Triforce he was actually able to warp an entire planet in his image. He is undoubtly the most powerful being in Zelda short of the Goddesses themselves. The fact that several plot devices must be used to defeat him in each game proves this.

As for his intellect, he has shown to not only be very knowledgable about such things as sorcery, various magical artifacts, and the Triforce(in fact, he may be the most knowledged about it of all), He has displayed being a keen strategist and manipulator, often using many people, even Link, to further his goals.

Overview of powers

Strength: Class 100 (Stronger than Link, who has class 100 feats like chucking 1,000 ton granite)
Speed: Above peak human
Durability: Invulnerable to all but sacred weapons blessed by the Gods.
Destrucive Capability: City Level+ (Froze over the entirety of Zora's domain, with Twilight Magic he can logically warp entire regions as Zant did)

Ganondorf's magical abilities are varied and numerous. Wielding the Triforce of Power, they are amplified to godlike levels.

He has a great many uses for them, he can project blasts of varying nature, being often of electrical or fiery disposition, and at times he can make them intangible, making them impossible to block.

He can amplify a physical blow with magic, allowing him to perform feats such as causing shockwaves that destroy the surrounding steel floor, which was like five or six feet thick.

He can teleport, and can open dimensions, drawing others in them.

With Twilight Magic, he can turn intangible at will, and he can infect areas with Twilight, Zant, who possesses but a fraction of Ganon's power, could do this to entire regions. This has the effect of reverting all in the area to a bodiless soul.

As for the sheer scale of his magic, he has feats of freezing cities solid, destroying islands, with a shout sending his fortress falling (While near death mind you), and with the full Triforce, he was able to warp the entire Sacred Realm.


Depending on the incarnation, he wields a trident, dual wields curved swords, or wields the Sword of the Sages.

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