Made of win.

How can a country with 187,888 lakes not be? Both the president of Finland and the mayor of Helsinki are women. Let's not forget that Finland was the first nation in history to give women the vote.
Finland is also the host of the annual Mosquito Killing Contest, a timed event of 5 minutes with the champion causing the demise of 21 mosquitoes. This may be troublesome to Animal Rights activists, but really … with all of the lakes and woods, there's over 35 species of mosquitoes keeping the country humming during the summer.

What makes Finnish people hide in their cottages and raid KMC? Helsinki is the northernmost capital in continental Europe and about a third of the country is above the Arctic Circle, which means that there's long winter months of darkness (And fortunately the Northern Lights).

Plus if Q'Anilia is anything to go by, Finnish women are pretty hot.

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