A male (or female if a "fangirl") who is completely devoted to a particular work. Fanboys are fiercely loyal and steadfast in their opinion. With regard to computers and technology, fanboys outnumber fangirls by a huge margin and may be enamored with particular computer platforms, video games or applications.

  • Fanboy is a term which refers to an excessive form of fandom. Often used as an insult, it can actually be a term of endearment. It is a favoured word of trolls.


On KMC this term is used frequently. Some use it while aggravated, while others work from a solid base when they use the word. The most common cases of fanboyism you come across is Sephiroth and Dante fans, but there's also an undying amount of Solid Snake fanboys. Ultimately, there's some truth in every fanboy case and you rarely see someone admit that they are in fact a fanboy.

Supposed fanboy cases (Not necessarily true nor false)

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