EvilAngel is a member of KMC, she does not post often anymore, usually posting several times over a span of a few hours at best and then not posting again for weeks or months, although she used to be one of the most frequently posting members, and was well-liked by the other regulars, except for a few others (The dirty pricks).


EvilAngel's personality on the forums actually depends on who she is speaking to at the time, or rather how her personality comes off varies. If she is speaking to someone she likes, for instance, she will post in a friendly, lighthearted manner. If speaking to someone she dislikes however, her posts will come off as colder. Although anyone who has drawn her dislike is clearly a douchebag anyway. She is a fun person to talk to, intelligent (Dark-Jaxx is the only one who is clearly greater in this aspect), and very likeable, although she has been known to be a bit overly passionate in some areas.

Frequence of posting/Posting style

EvilAngel rarely debates anymore, but when she did she would logically assess the capabilities of both characters and draw a verdict. When she is debating someone, she separates the points her opponent makes and refutes them. Like her personality, depending on who you are her debating varies, friendlier for those she likes, colder for those she doesn't.

Favourite characters

  • Deathwing (Warcraft)
  • Larxene (KH)
  • Axel (KH)
  • Saix (KH)

Favorite games

  • Warcraft (All)
  • Kingdom Hearts (All)
  • Supreme Commander
  • Ghost Recon
  • Unreal Tournament (All)


  • She is pretty hot. Noticing a pattern here?
  • Huge Bruce Lee fan.
  • Actually a martial artist herself.
  • She will never be forgotten on KMC.


Most win

This quote is not by EvilAngel but about her, and is not on KMC, but…Well it was just too funny.

Avenger: "EA, like always, you have the best avatar here."

Blaxican: "You don't even watch Naruto, yet you said her last one was the best.

You're just giving her special treatment 'cuz she's the only active girl. And I already told you that the chances of her having cyber with you is near impossible, so stop talking to me on MSN about it."

Most hilarious

Most fail

Most fanboy/girlish moments.

Sephiroth vs. Jedah Dohma


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