Duke Nukem's Weapons

Main Series arsenal

  • "Atomic Pistol" (Duke Nukem)
Although called a pistol officially, it's appearance resembles more of a shotgun. It fires nuclear bolts that can destroy robots in one to a couple of shots. It's a slow-firing weapon but its rate of fire can be increased up to a burst of five shots. This was Duke's main weapon in his first appearance.
  • "Machinegun" (Duke Nukem II)
A futuristic looking gun that fires rapid shots. It has unlimited ammo but it might possibly be due to game mechanics. This is Duke's main weapon in his second adventure.
  • Flamethrower (Duke Nukem II)
It shoots a stream of flames and for some reason, Duke can hover if he shoots downwards.
Max Ammo: 64
  • Laser (Duke Nukem II)

Stronger than the default weapon, this gun fires a blue laser that can hit multiple enemies and pass through walls.
Max Ammo: 32

  • Rocket Launcher (Duke Nukem II)

The weapon is pretty self explanatory.
Max Ammo: 32

  • Mighty Foot (Duke 3D, Duke 64, Time to Kill, Duke Advance, & Manhattan Project)
Simply steel toe boots that Duke uses to kick enemies with.
  • Glock-17 (Duke 3D)
A semi-automatic pistol that has a nuke symbol engraved on the grip. It can be fired rapidly than a normal handgun so either Duke has fast trigger fingers or this gun has been modified to do so. It must be reloaded after 12 shots.
Max Ammo: 200
  • M1911 (Duke 64, Duke Nukem Forever)
Classic M1911 with its appearance pimped out to Duke's taste. It's basically what you would expect from the handgun and it is his trademark weapon in Duke Nukem Forever. There is also normal M1911s but most likely, Duke never uses them.
Max Ammo: 192 (64)
64 (DNF)
  • Winchester 1300 Defender (Duke 3D, Duke Advance, & Manhattan Project)
It's a pump-action shotgun with a nuke symbol engraved.
Max Ammo: 50
  • Remington M870 (Duke Nukem Forever)
Other than the nuke symbol engraving, it's basically what you expect from a pump shotgun.
Max Ammo: 28
  • Chaingun Cannon (Duke 3D & Duke Nukem Forever)
A triple-barreled machine gun also known as the Ripper Chaingun. It's best used for close and mid range firing.
Max Ammo: 200
  • Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher (Duke 3D, Time to Kill, Land of the Babes, Duke Advance, Manhattan Project, & Duke Nukem Forever)
Shoots powerful rockets. It resembles an anti-tank missile launcher rather than the standard RPG that appear in other games. It carried 50 rockets in the original game but in Duke Forever, it carries only 5 but it can home onto targets if locked on for a few seconds.
Max Ammo: 50 (DN3D)
5 (DNF)
8 (TtK & LotB)
  • Pipe Bomb (Duke 3D, Duke 64, Time to Kill, Zero Hour, Land of the Babes, Duke Advance, Manhattan Project, & Duke Nukem Forever)
A homemade explosive with a nuke symbol printed on it. It is thrown and then blown up with a detonator. Multiple pipe bombs can be detonated with the same detonator. In Duke Nukem Forever, pipe bombs are much smaller and resemble grenades. They are also weaker.
Max Ammo: 50 (DN3D)
4 (DNF)
15 (TtK & LotB)
  • Alien Shrinker (Duke 3D, Duke 64, Land of the Babes, & Duke Advance)
An alien weapon that shrinks the target for a short amount of time.
Max Ammo: 50 (DN3D)
66 (64)
30 (LotB)
  • Shrink Ray (Duke Nukem Forever)
It pretty much has the same effect as the shrinker except that this weapon carries less ammo. Also it was made by humans.
Max Ammo: 10
  • Expander (Duke 3D, Duke 64, & Duke Nukem Forever)
A modified Shrinker which shoots bursts of energy which can make the target explode like a microwaved hot dog. Unlike the Shrinker, it takes several shots to cause its desired effect but they hit the target almost instantly. The Duke Nukem Forever version differs as the shots are much slower and the inflated target doesn't explode right away although they will be slower and another shot will make them pop like a balloon.
Max Ammo: 50 (DN3D)
99 (64)
14 (DNF)
  • Laser Trip Bomb (Duke 3D, Duke 64, Zero Hour, & Duke Nukem Forever)
Powerful anti-personnel charges placed on a wall and detonated by laser tripwires. The ones in Duke Nukem Forever aren't limited to game mechanics so they can be attached to anything and can even be thrown like sticky grenades. If attached to an enemy, they will explode within seconds.
Max Ammo: 10 (DN3D)
4 (DNF)
  • Devastator (Duke 3D & Duke Nukem Forever)
A weapon, made by Pentagon, that is mounted on the shoulders and shoots miniature stinger missiles at a rapid rate. The Duke Nukem Forever version is a bit slower and carries 30 less rockets (69 because the franchise likes its sexual inuedos).
Max Ammo: 99 (DN3D)
69 (DNF)
  • Freezethrower (Duke 3D, Time to Kill, Land of the Babes, Duke Advance, & Duke Nukem Forever)
A weapon that shoots bursts of nitrogen that can temporarily freeze enemies after a couple of shots. Frozen enemies can be shattered. The nitrogen shots can bounce off walls. The Duke Nukem Forever version is different because it fires a stream of cold energy although with more limited range. It is also a bit weaker but the ammo can refill itself over time.
Max Ammo: 99 (DN3D)
200 (DNF)
200 (TtK)
50 (LotB)
  • Railgun (Duke Nukem Forever)
It's the sniper rifle of Duke Nukem Forever and fires a powerful red beam that can most enemies in one shot. It can pierce through walls and multiple enemies like the Laser from Duke Nukem II. For some reason, headshots cause heads to expand and explode.
Max Ammo: 12
  • Enforcer Gun (Duke Nukem Forever)
Arm cannon originally belonging to the Enforcer aliens. It can fire mini rockets at once that home in on nearby enemies. Although it has limited ammo, it is a powerful weapon that is capable of gibbing enemies.
Max Ammo: 15
  • AT Laser (Duke Nukem Forever)
Originally belonging to the Assault Troopers, this alien weapon fires a burst of three lasers and has a fairly high rate of fire.
Max Ammo: 60
  • AT Captain Laser (Duke Nukem Forever)
A minigun that fires lasers. This weapon is carried by the Assault Captain aliens.
Max Ammo: 80

Spin-Off Arsenal

  • Throwing Knife (Time to Kill & Land of the Babes)
It's a knife and it can be thrown. Amazing, huh?
Max Ammo: 10 (TtK)
Unlimited (LotB)
  • Throwing Axe (Time to Kill)

An axe that can be thrown and nothing more.
Max Ammo: 5

  • Colt 1911 (Duke 64)
Just like Duke 3D's pistol but holds a little less ammo but it can use Dum-Dum rounds - bullets dealing as much as a shotgun shell. Dum-Dums are extremely deadly with the pistol's rate of fire.
Max Ammo: 192 + 36 Dum-Dum rounds
  • Desert Eagle (Time to Kill, Land of the Babes, Duke Advance, Manhattan Project, Critical Mass)
Duke's signature gun in the spin-off games. It has a high rate of fire, highly accurate, and has great range. It's not as strong as a real Desert Eagle. In Time to Kill, it can be upgraded to fire even faster.
Max Ammo: 200 (TtK & LotB)
  • M-80 Pulse Blaster a.k.a. Blaster (Zero Hour)
A pistol utilized with alien technology. Its shots travel so fast that they're virtually invisible and leave scorched craters on impact. They can be dual-wielded.
  • 'Peacekeeper' .45 Revolver (Zero Hour)
A high-calibur pistol from the days of the Old West. It must be reloaded after 6 shots. It can be dual-wielded and can use special bullets called 'Scumstopper' magnum rounds which are similar to the Dum-Dum rounds in Duke 64.
  • Gold Desert Eagle (Land of the Babes, Duke Advance, and Manhattan Project)
A stronger version of the Desert Eagle. In Land of the Babes and Manhattan Project, it was just your standard beginning-of-the-game pistol.
  • SPAS-12 (Duke 64)
It's the same as the Duke 3D version of the shotgun except that it can use explosive shotgun shells.
Max Ammo: 50
  • Combat Shotgun (Time to Kill, Land of the Babes)

It's no different from the shotgun in Duke 3D. It can be upgraded to shoot four times (three times in Land of the Babes) without reloading.
Max Ammo: 50 (TtK)
75 (LotB)

  • Claw-12 Shotgun (Zero Hour)
It's no different from the Shotgun in Duke Nukem 3D except that it can be modified with an autoloader which allows the gun to reload automatically and increase the rate of fire. Claw stands for Close Assault Weapon.
  • Sawed-off Shotgun (Zero Hour)
A double-barreled shotgun with its barrels sawed off. It has devastating power in close range but is useless in long range combat.
  • Lead Cannon (Duke Advance)

It's a four-barreled version of the Winchester 1300 Defender.

  • Crossbow (Time to Kill)

It has great stopping power and can shoot three bolts at once.
Max Ammo: 200

  • Buffalo Rifle (Time to Kill)

A rifle from the Old West which has great stopping power and range but poor reloading.
Max Ammo: 20

  • Lever Action .30-30 Rifle (Zero Hour)
A gun from the days of the Old West. It has good range and stopping power but must be reloaded after every shot.
  • Laser Blaster (Land of the Babes)
It's a rifle that shoots green lasers.
Max Ammo: 150
  • MP-10 Sub Machine Gun (Duke 64 & Zero Hour)
Miniature 10mm machine gun that can be dual wielded.
Max Ammo: 400 (200 for each gun)
  • MP5 (Duke Advance)
A submachine gun.
  • Assault Rifle (Manhattan Project)

-It's your standard Rambo machinegun.

  • Gatling Gun (Time to Kill)

A minigun that can be upgraded to shoot lasers (which do more damage and are more accurate).
Max Ammo: 400 (250 for lasers)

  • Gatling Gun (Zero Hour)
An old machine gun made from the Victorian Era. Though it's slower than modern automatics, its heavy bullets are more damaging.
  • Laser Gatling Gun (Land of the Babes)
A minigun that shoots red lasers.
Max Ammo: 150
  • Mini Laser Gatling Gun (Land of the Babes)
Although it's smaller than the Laser Gatling Gun, it's actually more powerful.
Max ammo: 100
  • Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher (Time to Kill)

Though it's no different in Time to Kill, it can be upgraded to fire more powerful rockets that also set enemies on fire because it just wasn't overkill enough.

  • Missile Launcher (Duke 64, Duke Advance)
Pretty much the same as the RPG other than the fact that it can also fire homing missiles in Duke 64.
Max Ammo: 50
  • Havoc Multi-Launcher (Zero Hour)
A weapon that fires 4 armor-piercing warheads at once. It can also fire heat-seeking missiles but only one at a time.
  • Torpedo Launcher (Land of the Babes)
The underwater version of the RPG.
Max Ammo: 30
  • Grenade Launcher (Duke 64, Zero Hour, & Land of the Babes)
A rotary fed, semi-automatic type of grenade launcher. It launches grenades that bounce off walls before exploding briefly.
Max Ammo: 48 (64)
20 (LotB)
  • Radium Cyanide Launcher (Zero Hour)

A green version of the AGL-9 grenade launcher that shoots grenades emitting deadly nerve gas.

  • Dynamite (Time to Kill, Zero Hour, & Land of the Babes)
A stick of dynamite. Just light it and throw it.
Carry Limit: 20 (TtK & LotB)
  • Holy Hand Grenade (Time to Kill)
A grenade that homes in on enemies. If no enemies are present, it will bounce around until it explodes. It originally came from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
Carry Limit: 10
  • Bomb (Zero Hour)

The classic cannon-ball shaped bomb. It's no different from the dynamite.

  • CTX-90 Trip Bomb (Zero Hour)
Really no different from Duke3D's trip bombs but Zero Hour has special versions called Magnavolt trip bomb that sprouts an electrical beam instead of a laser tripwire. Anything crossing the beam gets shocked before greeted by an explosion.
  • Energy Weapon (Time to Kill & Land of the Babes)
A weapon that shoots a short ranged beam that locks on enemies and burns them up from inside. It can be upgraded, in Time to Kill, to shoot a longer beam with better homing capabilities.
Ammo Limit: 200
  • Alien Freezethrower (Zero Hour)
An alien weapon that sprays intensely cold wind that can freeze enemies in seconds. Unlike Duke 3D's freezethrower, it has much shorter range but can instantly shatter foes once they're frozen.
  • Gamma Cannon (Zero Hour)
Alien weapon that shoots a barrage energy bolts that rebounds off walls. The bolts tend to spread making this gun a mix of chaingun and shotgun.

*Stealth Generator (Land of the Babes)
A weird gun that renders the target invisible. It is not meant for offense and is the only gun that Duke ever uses to help anyone
Max Ammo: 150

  • Flamethrower (Time to Kill, & Land of the Babes)
A flamethrower that can be upgraded, in Time to Kill, to spray hotter blue flames.
Max Ammo: 200
  • Voltaic Projector a.k.a. Volt Cannon (Zero Hour)
A weapon created by Victorian scientists to combat the creatures that stalk the streets of London. It shoots discharges of electrical energy that lock-on and fry enemies.
  • GLOPP Ray (Manhattan Project)
Changes mutants back to their normal form. It works pretty similar to the Shrinker.
  • Plasma Cannon (Duke 64 & Manhattan Project)
A weapon with two modes of fire. The first is shooting rapid-fire plasma blasts and the second mode allows the user to charge up the gun so that it can fire a powerful plasma ball that can eliminate destroy all but the most powerful enemies. The Plasma Cannon is pretty much a combination of Doom's Plasma Rifle and BFG 9000. Known as the Pulse Cannon in Manhattan Project.
Max Ammo: 99
  • BMF Thunderstrike (Zero Hour)
A weapon created by Pentagon that utilizes alien technology. It shoots a lightning-like ball of pulse that vaporizes crowds of enemies. It is the BFG 9000 of Zero Hour.
  • Sniper Rifle (Zero Hour & Land of the Babes)

Shoots enemies from long distances. Zero Hour's version is overpowered and can kill most enemies in one shot even if it's not a head shot. Despite that, it can use special armor-piercing rounds so that the already overpowered gun can now take on the toughest enemies.
Max Ammo: 50 (LotB)

  • X-3000 (Manhattan Project)
A gun that fires lightning and automatically targets every enemy in sight. It is even capable of killing every enemy in the level. It is Duke Nukem's most powerful weapon.

Multiplayer-Only Arsenal

  • Time Vortex (Zero Hour)
A cube that is thrown like a grenade. Instead of killing, it sucks in everyone near it to a vortex (including the thrower). They are stripped of all items and are transported to another location. It was originally a multiplayer-only weapon for Zero Hour but was cut from the game. It hasn't made any appearances in any Duke Nukem game so far.
  • Derringer (Duke Nukem Forever)
This pistol may be small is size but it is powerful enough to kill otherplayers in a single shot. It only carries one bullet so it will need to be reloaded after every shot. Because it's crucial to the game mode it appears in, it also has unlimited ammo.
  • Noob Toob (Duke Nukem Forever)

Named after the infamous grenade launcher attachments from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, this potato gun can easily kill other players in a single shot. However, it can kill the user just as easily if not used solely for long range.

  • DFG (Duke Nukem Forever)

Large gun based on the BFG 9000.

  • Sticky Bombs (Duke Nukem Forever)

Bright ball-like grenades that can attach to anything before exploding.

  • Minigun (Duke Nukem Forever)

It's pretty self-explanatory what it does.

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