Duke Nukem's Inventory

Main Game Inventory

He used it only once to escape imprisonment.

  • Steroids (Duke3D, Duke64, Zero Hour, Time to Kill, Duke Nukem Forever)
Also known as Vitamin X in Nintendo versions, these drugs give Duke enhanced speed, strength, and the ability to make longer jumps. Lasts 15 seconds. In Duke Nukem Forever, durability is also enhanced and Duke is strong enough to gib an alien with his bare hands. It is also lasts 21 seconds.
  • Holoduke (Duke3d, Duke64, & Duke Nukem Forever)
When used it leaves a hologram of the user. It doesn't move and is used as a decoy. It is far more useful in Duke Nukem Forever, as the hologram will run around and attempt to attack enemies. If that wasn't useful enough, it will also cloak the user. The holoduke speaks in a robotic voice and has its own one-liners which parodies of Duke's very own.
  • Jetpack (Duke3D, Duke64, Time to Kill, Land of the Babes, Manhattan Project, & Duke Nukem Forever)
A silver backpack that allows Duke to fly in the air. Time to Kill's jetpack shoots out flames which can burn nearby enemies. By the time of Duke Nukem Forever, it is more realistic and shooting it will cause it to explode, making use of the item risky.
  • Night Vision Goggles (Duke3D, Duke64, Zero Hour, Time to Kill, & Land of the Babes)
Goggles that allow the user to see dark areas lit up with a green tint.
  • Dukevision (Duke Nukem Forever)

It's like the night vision goggles but is incorporated in Duke's sunglasses. It also eliminates the green tint so that that the goggles becomes obsolete.

  • Portable Medkit (Duke3D, Duke64, Zero Hour, & Time to Kill)
A briefcase filled with medical supplies. Its effects are all gameplay (it automatically heals Duke to as maximum as possible) but it's possible Duke may have used one.
  • Protective Boots (Duke3D, Duke64, & Zero Hour)
Protects Duke from damaging floors. Though, this should've been a protective suit since Duke had to swim through acid and lava.
  • Scuba Gear (Duke3D, Duke64, Zero Hour, & Land of the Babes)
Take a wild guess what it does.
  • Body Armor (Duke3D, Duke64, Zero Hour, Time to Kill, Land of the Babes, Duke Advance)
It lessens damage just like a flak jacket. In Zero Hour, a boiler plate and breastplate replace the armor in the Old West and Victorian Era respectively.
  • Beer (Duke Nukem Forever)
Although it's supposed to be ordinary beer, Duke's durability increases by a lot. He also gets drunk and his vision gets blurred.

Spin-Off Inventory

  • Gas Mask (Zero Hour, Time to Kill, & Land of the Babes)

The use should be obvious.

  • Forcefield (Manhattan Project)

Protects Duke from all attacks. It won't save him from long drops though.

Spin-Off Powerups (Activated right after picking them up)

  • Invisibility (Time to Kill)

Duke Becomes invisible until it wears off.

  • Double Duke/Damage (Time to Kill, Manhhattan Project)

Turns Duke red and transparent, allowing him to deal twice more damage temporarily. Probably a gameplay-only item.

  • Invincibility (Time to Kill)

Turns Duke bright white and is unable to be harmed temporarily.

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