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Darth Nihilus was a Force-sensitive Human male who lived during the Dark Wars. He lost everything during the Mandalorian Wars, surviving the activation of the Mass Shadow Generator at the Battle of Malachor V, which surrounded the planet with a destructive spacial phenomenon known as a mass shadow that obliterated almost everything and everyone on and around the planet. The experience of the shadows made him "hunger" for Force energy, and the affliction began to ravage his body. In his pain he became a wound in the Force and was found by a seeker of such things, Darth Traya, who told him that she could teach him to feed his hunger. He accepted her offer and came under her apprenticeship at her Dark Jedi academy, choosing to wield the dark side of the Force as his weapon, and over time became one of three concurrent Dark Lords of the Sith.

Together, the three formed a triumvirate with Traya at its head and her other apprentice, Darth Sion, as the third member. The trio chose individual names for themselves and Nihilus became the Lord of Hunger. The apprentices grew in strength during their training and eventually overpowered their Master. Sion defeated Traya, while Nihilus sapped her energy, before the two Sith exiled her and combined their powers to sever her ties to the Force. Nihilus's affliction developed to the point where the Dark Lord was forced to call upon the dark side of the Force to encase his spirit within his mask and armor to stay alive. Nihilus and Sion then became the main perpetrators of the First Jedi Purge, causing the virtual extinction of the Jedi Order. Nihilus was responsible for the Devastation of Katarr, killing and absorbing the Force energy of the Jedi at the Conclave on Katarr, along with every other living thing on the planet, save one Miraluka woman named Visas Marr. Having survived, Marr was taken by Nihilus, and became his apprentice.

One year later, Nihilus sensed a growing presence in the Force so he sent Marr to investigate and destroy it. The presence was a female Jedi, known only as the Exile, who was on a quest to find the remaining Jedi Masters who had survived the Purge. When Marr attempted to assassinate the woman, the Exile defeated her and convincing her to turn to the light side of the Force in the process. Although Nihilus returned to lurking the fringes of known space, the man was eventually tricked by Traya into initiating the Battle of Telos IV in an attempt to absorb a Jedi Academy without any actual Force-sensitives aside from the instructor. There he met a large fleet comprised of Galactic Republic and Mandalorian forces. In the carnage, Ravager was secretly boarded by a small force, resulting in Nihilus's death as well as the ship's destruction at the hands of Marr, the Exile, and Mandalore the Preserver in 3,951 BBY.

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In order for me to accurately give a description of Darth Nihilus' abilities, I must first describe his very nature. Darth Nihilus is a Wound in the Force, more presence than flesh, and it has been said that one who possesses power of that magnitude cannot think or perceive the universe as normal people do. His perception is indeed abnormal, according to Tobin, one of his most prominent men, he does not see people or beings, only stars, planets, only celestial objects of that vast proportion are worthy enough for him to take notice of. His main weakness is that he is a slave to his own power, it controls him, not the other way around, and he abandons logical thought in favor of satiating his Hunger any way he can. Now, to describe his individual attributes.

Strength: Unknown, one of Nihilus' major flaws is his lack of showings physically. Although as a very powerful Sith Lord, he can be assumed to be peak human.

Speed: Read above, probably supersonic at the least.

Durability: Unknown.

Force Powers: This is where Nihilus excells at, few outmatch him in his power with the Force. His most famous ability is unique to him, it has no canon name but has been referred to by different fans names like Force Killer or Force Fuck(Made by meh). The attack is initiated by his voice, he needs to merely speak to use it. It creates a Force Bond between him and whoever he desires, and instantly severs it, killing whom he was connected to, and he then feeds on the death it causes. This attack can be used on a single person, or he can apply it to every life on a planet, killing everyone, and when used on a planet, the earth shatters, cities collapse, volcanoes erupt, etc. The only ones immune to this attack are fellow Force Wounds. His other Force powers are also great, he was able to lift his entire fleet of starships from a gravity well on Malachor V with telekinesis, he is able to hold together his broken-down flagship the Ravager with telekinesis, and does this while simultaneously controlling the minds of his entire fleet, and can devour the life of a planet while doing these great feats as well. He has shown use of the Force abilities Force Lightning and Force Drain, and was able to effortlessly sever Traya, a powerful Sith, from the Force while forcing her back with a Force push.


Wields your standard red lightsaber.

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