Character's games and general info

Starring Roles

  • Devil May Cry
  • Devil May Cry 2
  • Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening (Chronologically, this is the first game in the series)
  • Devil May Cry 4 (This game takes place after the first game and before the second)
  • DmC (Reboot taking place in another universe, which means that this is a different Dante)


  • Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne - Dante is a recruitable party member.
  • Viewtiful Joe - He is a playable character in the PS2 version.
  • SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighter DS - Dante has a character card.
  • Capcom Fighting Evolution - He makes an appearance in Jedah's ending.
  • Marvel vs. Capcom 3 - He's a playable character.
  • Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 - He's a playable character once again.

Dante is the main protagonist of the Devil May Cry series. He works as a devil hunter with a goal of exterminating the demons who killed his mother, Eva, and brought Vergil, his twin brother, to the alignment of evil. Dante and his brother are the sons of Sparda, a powerful demon who defeated the Devil King and his demonic legion. Because of his demonic heritage, Dante has superhuman abilities which he uses in combination with guns and melee weapons. His signature weapons are his pistols Ebony & Ivory and his sword Rebellion.

Dante has a quite a cocky personality, never taking things seriously. He'll even go as far as badmouthing demons many times his size. Though, there are moments where he does get serious, like when he's facing an opponent that is a serious threat to himself.

Overview of powers

Dante is an excellent swordsman and melee specialist and seems to master any weapon he comes across within seconds of trying them. He's an even better marksman who can use two pistols at once to take down targets at all angles and even behind him and even perform impossible techniques like swinging a shotgun like nunchaku while shooting all enemies in the area. He tends to prefer using guns over swords and because of this, he appears to have a much knowledge in firearms since he customizes some of them to his own liking (Ebony & Ivory for example). Dante is a capable hand-to-hand combatant and seems to know some martial arts. He is also an expert pilot, motorcyclist, and guitarist. Because of his demonic blood, Dante has superhuman abilities which include:

  • Superhuman strength (enough to punch through stone and wield motorcycles as melee weapons plus has leg strength to allow himself to make high jumps)
  • Speed ranging from peak human to superhuman (he is capable of ninja-like teleports and dashes so fast that he appears to blur).
  • Lightning-speed reflexes
  • Superhuman agility (similar to anime ninjas and Matrix characters).
  • Incredible durability that enables him to survive withstand powerful blows without visible injury
  • Healing factor that allows him to survive mortal wounds like a sword through the chest and even a bullet to the head. His regeneration is so fast that it allows him to be healed from his injuries without spilled organs or major blood loss. Though, with less stamina, his healing factor becomes weakened (like when he was first defeated by Vergil in Devil May Cry 3).

His demonic blood also grants him several paranormal abilities. Any firearm he wields never runs out of ammo and he is never seen reloading any of them (unlike Nero and Lady who reload their guns at least once). He can also channel his demonic power to the firearms to make their shots stronger. Dante also has a fighting style called Royal Guard (this could be a gameplay-only power) where he absorbs a certain number of enemy blows and releases it a powerful hand thrust which is capable of defeating armored foes in a single strike. It has limitations as too many blows absorbed would leave Dante vulnerable and very powerful attacks cannot be absorbed. The Royal Guard style can also to be used to block weak enemy attacks that are converted to healing energy or give Dante impervious metallic armor, Dreadnaught, that lasts for a short time duration. One of his most notable powers is his Devil Trigger which transforms Dante into a demon. His demon form varies throughout the games and which melee weapon he is currently using. Either way, all Devil Trigger forms increase Dante's strength, speed, regeneration, and sometimes give him special abilities like flight. Devil Trigger forms are temporary and their time duration depends on Devil Trigger gauge available.

In the events of Devil May Cry 3, Dante temporarily had these powers:

  • Quicksilver: This allowed the devil hunter to slow down time in the area making him seem like he's moving much faster. The effect drains his Devil Trigger gauge as time goes by.
  • Doppelganger: This allows Dante to create a ghostly clone of himself. The clone is able to cause harm to enemies and can even go into Devil Trigger mode. This power drains the Devil Trigger gauge as time goes by.


Devil Arms
These are the melee weapons Dante uses. They are demonic and living weapons made from the soul of a fallen demon (usually of the same as the weapon)

  • Force Edge

Appearance: Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry 2, Devil May Cry 3
Element: None
Description: This is the unawakened form of Sparda, a sword named after the demon who defeated the Devil King and his minions. It is simply a two-handed straight sword with a skull on the hilt

  • Sparda

Appearance: Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry 2, Devil May Cry 3, Devil May Cry 4
Element: Power of Sparda (the demon)
Description: The true form of Force Edge. It is an organic-looking zweihander that can shape-shift into a spear or a scythe.

  • Alastor

Appearance: Devil May Cry
Element: Lightning
Description: A huge two-handed sword with a dragon's head carving on the hilt. Despite its size, Dante is able to swing the sword at fast speeds with electricity surging through each slash. It can also be thrown like a boomerang.

  • Ifrit

Appearance: Devil May Cry
Element: Fire
Description: A pair of gauntlets and greaves that give user the ability to attack his/her enemies with hellfire that is hotter than a volcano. The gauntlets and greaves give the appearance of demon hands and feet respectively.

  • Yamato

Appearance: Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry 3, Devil May Cry 4
Element: Darkness
Description: A katana that was once wielded by Vergil. It can cut through almost anything and is capable of attacking from long distances.

  • Rebellion

Appearance: Devil May Cry 2, Devil May Cry 3, Devil May Cry 4
Element: Power of Dante
Description: This two-handed sword is Dante's signature weapon along with Ebony & Ivory. It has a skull carving on the hilt and its power can be channeled via Dante to increase the power of certain attacks and shoot out waves of energy. This sword can be thrown at the enemy and magically return back to the user.

  • Cerberus

Appearance: Devil May Cry 3
Element: Ice
Description: A tripartite nunchaku with each stick resembling blue maces. It is infused with the power of cold and mastering the weapon allows one to summon ice stalagmites and encase the user in a protective ice sphere. Also, one of its sticks can be extended to be used as some sort of grappling hook.

  • Agni & Rudra

Appearance: Devil May Cry 3
Element: Wind and Fire
Description: A pair of living scimitars with the head of a demon at bottom of each hilt. The demon heads are originally twin demons who share the same names of the weapons and capable of human speech. Each slash releases a gust of wind and a blast of fire, which can be used as projectiles. The swords can be combined at the hilt to form a dual-blade. Full mastery of the weapon allows one to create a flaming vortex.

  • Nevan

Appearance: Devil May Cry 3
Element: Lightning
Description: A claw-like guitar that gives the ability to summon electricity and bats. The bats are of supernatural nature and come in swarms. Nevan can also shapeshift into a scythe.

  • Beowulf

Appearance: Devil May Cry 3
Element: Light
Description: A pair of gauntlets and greaves resembling the hands and feet of a demon with the same name. Each strike damages the target with holy light. Dante can use this weapon to rapidly kick and punch his enemies. Mastery of this weapon can allow one to shoot balls of light and create light geysers by punching the ground. Also to note is that many of the moves performed with Beowulf resemble attacks from Street Fighter as well as a few moves from SNK fighters.

  • Gilgamesh

Appearance: Devil May Cry 4
Element: ?
Description: Metalic gauntlets and greaves (w/ buzzsaws). It functions similarly to the Beowulf but each attack can be charged to deal greater damage.

  • Lucifer

Appearance: Devil May Cry 4
Element: Darkness
Description: A spider-like weapon that's worn like a backpack. It creates energy swords that can be thrown, wielded, or positioned at the user's will. The swords can also explode at the user's command or after a short time period. The amount of swords that can be created is limitless.

Non-Devil Arms

  • Merciless

Appearance: Devil May Cry 2
Description: It's a two-handed sword with a long blade. It has great reach with payment of dealing less damage than the Rebellion.

  • Vendetta

Appearance: Devil May Cry 2
Description: A zweihander-type of sword that deals more damage than the Rebellion with the exchange of having shorter reach.


  • Ebony & Ivory

Appearance: Every game that Dante has been in
Description: Dante's signature weapons along with the Rebellion. They are a pair of heavily customized handguns (Colt M1911s) colored white and black respectively with portraits of Victorian women on the grips. The guns shoot magical bullets in rapid-fire session and never need reloading (like the rest of the firearms) due to Dante's supernatural abilities. The power of the handguns vary and are capable of finishing off giant demons in a single shot. At full-power, Dante can use "Jack Pot!" to fire two beams which can seal away or destroy powerful demons.

  • Shotgun

Appearance: Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry 2, Devil May Cry 3, Devil May Cry 4
Description: A double-barreled hunting shotgun capable of dealing great damage which weakens at longer ranges. It can be charged with energy to increase its power or swung like nunchacku to fire shots around the area. It is named Coyote-A in Devil May Cry 4.

  • Grenadegun

Appearance: Devil May Cry
Description: A grenade launcher resembling the real-life MGL-140. Its shots can charged up to deal greater damage.

  • Needlegun

Appearance: Devil May Cry
Description: Resembles the Grenadegun but rapidly fires needles. It is used by Dante in underwater missions.

  • Nightmare Beta

Appearance: Devil May Cry
Description: A demonic fire arm with an appearance similar to the Nightmare bioweapon. It is worn over the arm and shoots out lasers which ricochet around the room. The lasers can be charged to do massive damage (even to bosses) but drains Devil Trigger power (in gameplay at least).

  • Submachine Guns

Appearance: Devil May Cry 2
Description: A pair of Heckler & Koch MP5Ks with a faster rate of fire than Ebony & Ivory.

  • Missile Launcher

Appearance: Devil May Cry 2
Description: It's a FIM-92A Stinger missile launcher and nothing more.

  • Spiral

Appearance: Devil May Cry 3
Description: A large rifle that fires penetrating bullets. The bullets are capable of ricocheting around the room. It's actually a Lahti L-39 with a shortened barrel (source).

  • Artemis

Appearance: Devil May Cry 3
Description: A demonic firearm resembling a robotic dragon head. It's worn like a glove (like Nightmare Beta) and fires multiple arrow-like lasers. It also has a lock-on function that allows the projectiles to home onto the target. It can unleash a sphere of energy at close range.

  • Kalina Ann

Appearance: Devil May Cry 3, Devil May Cry 4
Description: A modified M-21 rocket launcher named after Lady's dead mother. It is capable of launching multiple homing missiles at once and has an attached bayonet that can be fired as a grappling hook.

  • Pandora

Appearance: Devil May Cry 4
Description: A hi-tech looking briefcase with a skull head on front. Though it doesn't look like much, it can change into 666 different weapon forms. There are only 6 known so far: a bowgun that fires explosive arrows, a bazooka, a laser cannon, a gatling gun, a floating type of aircraft that can shoot homing missiles, and a buzzsaw. The briefcase can also be opened to unleash light that can kill or greatly injury enemies in the area. It's powerful enough to completely vaporize a group of Bianco Angelo (at least in the DMC4 novel), which are demon-possessed armor that are impervious to normal firearms (according to the novel, Lady, who wields several pistols and a rocket launcher, didn't stand a chance against them).

Other Equipment

  • Time Bangle

Appearance: Devil May Cry
Description: A type of wrist watch that can freeze time but boss characters are immune to its effects. Because it is obtained in a bonus area, this item may be noncanon.

Devil Triggers

DMC3 Triggers

  • Rebellion
Added Powers: Nothing else other than increased strength, speed, and regeneration (which is something all Devil Triggers have).
  • Cerberus
Added Powers: None
  • Agni & Rudra
Added Powers: None
  • Nevan
Added Powers: Dante has the ability to fly, shoot out bolts of lighting, and propel himself like a missile while charged with electricity.
  • Beowulf
  • BeowulfDT.jpg

Added Powers: None

  • Sparda form

Added Powers: None. Because this form is accessed via his DMC 1 costume, it should be considered non-canon.

DMC 1 Triggers

  • Alastor
Added Powers: Greatly increases Dante's speed and gives him the ability to fly. When in the air, he can shoot bolts of lightning and launch himself in torpedo fashion for a powerful electrical attack.
  • Ifrit
Added Powers: He is able to shoot fire balls from his hands and create a massive explosion when punching the ground from the air. He can also perform a rapid kick combo (Kick 13).
  • Sparda
Added Powers: It gives Dante the ability to shoot huge balls of magma from his hands and project a beam of demonic energy from the Sparda sword, increasing its length. At full-power, Dante can fly, shoot rapid-fire energy blasts and spectral dragons that deals massive damage. This full power form is the most powerful Devil Trigger in the series.

DMC4 Triggers

  • Devil form

Added Powers: None but it can be estimated that it is greater than his Devil Triggers in Devil May Cry 3 (due to having more experience).

DMC2 Triggers

  • Devil form
Added Powers: He has built-in guns in his hands that shoot energy blasts at rapid pace. They are much more powerful than the bullets of Ebony & Ivory. His other powers depend on which demon heart he is using at the moment. These abilities include infusing the power of ice, fire, or electricity in his attacks, faster speed, flight, faster regeneration, enhancing his attack power or slowing down time (minus Dante).
  • Majin form
Added Powers: This form's abilities is pretty much identical to the weaker Sparda form in DMC 1 (with added flight). He also has an additional attack where he unleashes a sphere of holy energy capable of killing even the most powerful of demons in seconds. It's the most powerful Devil Trigger in the series next to the full Sparda form (it might even be argued that the power of the Majin form is greater).


Devil May Cry

Dante: I hope for your sake you've got something inside that big body of yours!

Dante: My mother used to always tell me that my father was a man who fought for the weak. He had courage and righteous heart. In the name of my father, I will kill Mundus!

Trish: Dante, why did you save me?
Dante: Because you look like my mother. Now get out of my sight. The next time we meet, it won't be like this.
Trish: [reaches out to him] Dante
[Dante points his pistol to Trish's face]
Dante: Don't get any closer to me, devil! You may look like my mother but you're nowhere close to her. You have no soul. You have the face, but you'll never have her fire!"

Dante: I should have been the one to fill your dark soul with light!

Trish: Looks like we've got a winner.
Dante: Jackpot!

Mundus: Dante, I will return and I will rule this woooooooooooorld!!
Dante: Goodbye. And when you do come back, give my regards to my son, will ya?

Devil May Cry 2

Arius: Ohhh….. No! My dream, my life! I was gonna be the king of this world. [groans]
Dante: King? Yeah, here's your crown. [fire 2 shots at Arius, making him crash through a wall]

Devil May Cry 3 All taken from this site

Dante: It's been a year since we last met. Where does the time go?
[walks forward, arms open]
Dante: No doubt you've got some fun planned for me. Right, Vergil?

Dante: You want a date? Well, forget it. Because I make a point not to go out with women who shoot me in the head!
Lady: Date a demon? I'm not that desperate!

Dante: [aiming a gun at Vergil] So… this is what they call a "heart-warming family reunion"?
Vergil: You got that right.
[draws sword]

[Dante looks up, and catches Lady falling out of the sky. Hanging upside down, she immediately points her guns at him]
Dante: Well, this is my kind of rain. No wonder the sky looks so funny today.
Lady: Let me go!
Dante: Let you go? But it would be a waste if you ended up as just a pretty stain.
[Lady proceeds to shoot him in the head. He drops her, and she catches hold of a ledge below]
Dante: What the hell was that for? Here I am trying to help you and you show your thanks by shooting me?
[Lady shoots him again]
Dante: Whatever, do as you please.
[walks away]
Lady: So he's a demon too…
Dante: I'm beginning to think I've got rotten luck with women.

Vergil: Why do you refuse to gain power? The power of our father Sparda?
Dante: Father? I don't have a father. I just don't like you, that's all.

Dante: I can already tell. Looks like this is gonna be one hell of a party!

Cerberus: You… are not human, are you?
Dante: Who knows? I'm not even sure myself.

Dante: You sure know how to throw a party. No food, no drinks, and the only babe just left.
Vergil: My sincerest apology, brother. I was so eager to see you and couldn't concentrate on the preparation of the bash.
Dante: Whatever. At any rate, it has been a whole year since we last met. How about a kiss from your little brother? Or better yet, how about a kiss from this?
[draws gun]

Cerberus: Leave now, mortal! The likes of you are forbidden in this land. You, who are powerless, are not worthy to set foot here.
Dante: Wow, I've never seen a talking mutt before. You know in a dog show, you'd definitely take the first place.
Cerberus: You, a mere human, make a mockery of me?
Dante: Easy, Fido! How about I take you out for a walk? Come on, puppy. Let's go!
Cerberus: You'll regret this you worm!
Dante: It's showtime. Come on!

Beowulf: [jumps down through the ceiling] SPARDA!
Dante: Aww, you poor thing. Didn't your mother teach you how to use a door?
Beowulf: That odor, I know it.
Dante: Huh?… Gimme a break. Tell you what, next time I'll try to wear some cologne, okay?
Beowulf: It's the stench of betrayal. The odor of that accursed Sparda! I will annhilate every last blood relation of Sparda!
Dante: Hahahaha! A son cleaning up his dad's mess, huh? Where have I heard this story before?

Arkham: Welcome. What do you think after looking at your father's image?
Dante: It's like staring at a backed up toilet!

Dante: Remember what we used to say?
[both aim their guns at Arkham]
Vergil, Dante: Jackpot.

Dante: [to Lady] Quite frankly, at first I didn't give a damn. But because of you, I know what's important now. I know what I need to do.

Lady: By the way…
[Demons appear and surround Dante and Lady]
Lady: Looks like we're gonna be busy for awhile.
Dante: So, bring it on! I love this.
[Dante brandishes his weapon, and begins approaching the Demons]
Dante: This is what I live for! And I'm absolutely crazy about it!

Devil May Cry 4 The first two came from this site

Dante: First I whip it out,
then I thrust it,
with great force.
Every angle,
it penetrates.
with great strength,
I ram it in.
In the end,
we're all satisfied…..
and you are set free

Dante: What took you so long?
Nero: You… What are you doing here? Forget it, I don't have time for this.
Dante: And neither do I, so I'll cut to the chase. I'm here for the sword.
Nero: Your point being?
Dante: It was originally my brother's… return it to me and I'll let you go, kid.
Nero: Kid? Well… if that's how you see me, I think you'll blush a pretty pink when I kick your ass!
Dante: Ah, helpful hint. Take a tip from your elders.

Dante: Hey, kid, you giving up so soon? So melodramatic. Besides, if you die without giving me my sword back, I'm gonna be pissed!

Dante: [after witnessing the activation of Savior] Hah! Check it out! It's got wings.

Devil May Cry books

Dante: Listen.. You're a loon. I get that. Hell, one time I got so wasted I proposed to a mop. So I'm not one to judge. That said, nutty or not, I'll feng shui this room with your diseased brains if you don't give me the girl.

Dante: For tea time, I'd be good with just tomato juice.

Dante: Call me when you've got pizza and a keg. In that order.

Dante: Pal… You can shove that teapot… Up your rabbit hole!

White Rabbit: I want to buy that amulet.
Dante: And I want a smaller dick. I guess we're both assed out, huh?

Alice: Do you like me, Dante? Do you want me? Am I desirable as an adult?
Dante: Is this a trick question? Let me guess. If I say no, you wear my guts for garters. If I say yes, you eat me, starting with my cock.

Character Feats

Devil May Cry 3

  1. Dante has a sword duel with Vergil. They swing their swords at blinding speeds. Later in the intro, Dante gets pierced by enemy scythes and almost immediately recovers. He pulls most of the weapons off and uses some of the blades stuck on him against his aggressors. This video also shows how Dante easily defeats these enemies (keep in mind that he just started his demon-hunting career and doesn't have a lot of his powers yet.
  2. Dante surfs on a missile while being annoying.
  3. Dante survives a bullet to the head and he also catches the second one with his teeth.
  4. Dante's fate after squaring off Vergil. He receives a mortal stab from Vergil's Yamato and his own sword. While he does survive, the injuries cause him to pass out. This video also shows Dante sticking his hand through Vergil's sword without it falling apart and his first Devil Trigger moment.
  5. Here we see Dante make a pillar explode by punching it. He also does a couple of crazy stuff while running down the tower.
  6. Dante plays around with Lady while effortlessly dodging her gunfire.
  7. Dante gets punched to the ground by a giant demon and receives no injury.
  8. Dante resists a soul-sucking sphere before Jester tells him that it can give the holder power.
  9. Dante shows off his Quick Silver ability. It seems to stop time here but it actually slows down time (in gameplay at least).
  10. Dante gives gravity "the middle finger" as he rides a motorcycle up a tower. He then beats a couple of demons with it before the vehicle explodes. One of the most ridiculous scenes ever.
  11. A taste of what the Doppelganger ability can do.
  12. Ebony & Ivory's true power. This reverts Arkham back to normal and sends him back to the human realm wounded.
  13. Dante and Vergil hold each other's swords off with their hand just because they can.

Devil May Cry

  1. Dante gets shocked by Trish and pierced through the chest with his own sword. Of course, Dante recovers quite easily.
  2. Dante, once again, gets pierced in the chest by a sword. This time it's by Alastor and he is pinned to the floor. He still lives after this.
  3. Dante deflects Mundus's light beam with his raging aura.
  4. (3:05-3:41) Dante, while in Sparda form, gets skewered by two energy spears, gets smacked by Mundus, and is struck with a barrage of meteors before being sent to the ground. Dante is still able to fight but loses the ability to use his full Sparda Devil Trigger.
  5. (1:30-2:27) Dante's second "Jack Pot". He seals away Mundus with the help of Trish.

Devil May Cry anime

  1. (16:20-16:45) Ebony & Ivory are powerful enough to destroy a city bridge in several shots.
  2. (7:43-7:50) Dante dodges machinegun fire and takes out his assailants with just Ivory.
  3. (9:40) Dante breaks out of handcuffs. Later (19:53-20:10), Dante is wrapped in the body of a demon who's acidic body can melt flesh and bone He disposes of the demon with the magical power of Rebellion.
  4. (0:11-0:23) Rebellion is strong enough to cut through a large stone door and cause it to crumble. He also loosen's a giant demon's grip from his sword (0:50).
  5. (17:55) Dante gets mind-controlled and challenges Lady to a duel to the death. He loses and mentions that the bullet grazed his heart.
  6. (1:29-1:47) Dante swings his sword which not only kills a demon but also creates a long cut on a line of windows.
  7. (18:54-18:58) Dante's fight with Baul causes lamp posts to shatter.
  8. (1:24)After Sid gains the power of Abigail, he defeats Dante and stakes him unto a Celtic cross. He later appears (16:48) with Rebellion still on his body which he removes and appears to be fine.
  9. Dante gets beat up by Abigail and impaled by spikes. The son of Sparda easily breaks free and acts like it was nothing. Also the clash between his sword and the demon lord creates a crater and soon an explosion (after the Devil Trigger activates).

Devil May Cry 4

  1. (starting at 6:30) Dante easily beats a group of swordsman and sends one flying to the cathedral ceiling with his sword. We also see Dante dodging Nero's gunfire and even chopping a few bullets.
  2. (@ 3:20) Dante gets floored by an earth-shattering punch from Nero, gets a beating in the face, and then gets thrown in the air and impaled to a wall. He's not even fazed.
  3. (6:25-6:47) Using his sword, Dante bats away a large buzzsaw-like enemy and it bounces around the room and hits its two comrades making them all dazed.
  4. Echidna fires a couple of her seedlings at Dante, who kicks them all back to the demon. Echidna also tried to eat the son of Sparda but her dragon form's mouth is forced open.
  5. Dante finishes off Echidna with a single bullet, making her explode. He also destroys one of the demon gates using his new weapon, Gilgamesh.
  6. Dante moves away a split-second before getting eaten by Dagon.
  7. Dante finishes off Dagon with a single sword swipe. He also demonstrates the power of Pandora on a group of Dagons.
  8. Dante makes a mockery out of Berial's suicide attack by putting him out with a single bullet. He also uses Lucifer to make a big heart on a demon gate before landing on the ground.
  9. Dante jumps in the air, attacking armored foes, and bounces on a few of them before landing on his sword (which he nailed at Savior). Sanctus tries to strike him but Dante suddenly appears behind him and destroys his armored form with one bullet.
  10. (1:04-1:23) Savior throws one last punch at Dante before its functions stop. Though the ground gets damaged, Dante is standing unharmed while holding the colossus's fist and pushes it away.

Devil May Cry 4 novel

  1. Dante withstands a kamikaze attack from Berial without any damage.
  2. He resists the Savior's beam by going into his Dreadnaught armor. He is not harmed in any way.

Devil May Cry 2

  1. (2:38-2:45) Dante makes a very high jump while saving Lucia from a sudden explosion. At 5:33-5:37, we see Dante easily evading a tank shell.
  2. (8:00-8:07) Dante delivers a death shot to a high-level demon.

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Vs. Alex Mercer
Vs. Master Chief
Vs. Kratos
Vs. Sora
Vs. Ryu Hayabusa

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  • Dante's favorite food seems to be pizza since it's always the type of food he's seen eating in the games. In the animated series, he also has a liking for strawberry sundae.
  • His trademark pistols have a name enscribed: Tony Redgrave. This is an alternate name that Dante has used in his earlier mercenary jobs. Also in earlier drafts of the first Devil May Cry game, Tony Redgrave was to be Dante's sidekick.
  • There are many fanarts showing Dante embracing Trish. Those artists must be insane or something if they really think someone like Dante would make love to someone who looks just like their own mother. There is no love interest between them in the games or the animated series. He showed more interest in Lady than he will ever find in Trish.
  • Dante has similarity in appearance when compared to Leon Kennedy. The reason for this may be that Devil May Cry was originally going to be Resident Evil 4 before the developers thought it was too action-based to be a survival horror game and just made it a different franchise.
  • Before the release of Soul Calibur 3, Dante was commonly rumored to be a guest character in the game. Unfortunately, that never happened but he can be created in Create a Soul mode.
  • In every game (minus Devil May Cry 2), Dante's shop always gets wrecked in some way either due to his carelessness or (in Devil May Cry 3's case) demon attacks. It's a no-brainer why he has money troubles.
  • The anime is canon to the DMC storyline (it obviously takes place after the first game).
  • Dante can eat a large pizza in 5 minutes.
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