Cyner is an interesting individual of the vertically challenged type. Not particularly ambitious, it's rumoured that were he stirred to action, he would conquer the internet.


Cyner is outspoken, and somewhat jaded. That said, he's pretty stable mentally, and capable of looking the worst life can throw at him in the eye, uttering only a profound. "Meh..". He's an avid gamer and geek, not to be confused with a nerd.

Frequence of posting/Posting style

Favourite characters

Favorite games


  • Cyner is a massive fan of the female species.
  • Cyner is indescriminately racist.
  • Cyner has memorised the poem tattooed to your mom's back.
  • Cyner, much like ScreamPaste, is so short he once fell into a footprint and had to live in it for three weeks. Luckily the two were not stuck in the same footprint.
  • Director of Hylian resources and tech support for the LolloveLinkclub.


Most win

  • "Link's wombo combo; he does it by himself."

Most hilarious

  • "it scares me that we're both attracted to her cause that means I have similar tastes as you :|" -To ScreamPaste concerning a female.
  • "If I was a giant I'd take the time to destroy something with just my penis."

Most fail

Most fanboy/girlish moments.

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