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Chaos is the primary antagonist of the fighting game "Dissidia: Final Fantasy." He is the God of Discord and is locked in an unending war with the opposing Goddess Cosmos, Goddess of Harmony. Chaos' main relevance in this wiki is the fact that he is so ridiculously fucking powerful, to be perfectly honest, he is a candidate for the strongest character in gaming.

Overview of powers

Chaos is God of Discord, and he appears to prefer the element of fire. He is capable of basic powers such as teleportation, energy projection, etc. But his main strength is the sheer scale of his powers, he is a Multiversal reality warper, one of the few in gaming, after disposing of Cosmos the Final Fantasy Multiverse fell into discord, with him as the cause. He is able to erase anyone he desires with but a thought, in fact the Dissidia cast of heroes would have ceased to exist if they did not possess the Crystals, portions of Cosmos' power that protected them from Chaos. It should be noted that although he can warp the Multiverse, he appears unable to destroy it completely, unless of course he has the power of Shinryu at his disposal, in which case he can.

Chaos has also displayed mind control abilities, it is stated that Chaos is controlling the villains on his side in the game.


Wields various large swords at times.

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  • Chaos is actually from the original Final Fantasy game, this page is dedicated to the one that appeared in Dissidia.
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