Burning Thought

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Burning Thought is one of the oldest frequent posters in the Game VS. Forum. His main debated character is well known as Kain, but he has played the GOW and DMC games as well as many others that he can show insight on. Burning Thought cares not for jokes, fail images or smilies, not even for his own arguments, and will rarely use them. Simply cold hard facts or logical reasoning will be used. Burning Thought claims to be the most hated member in Games VS., and also the most trolled.

Personality and debating style

Seemingly unfeeling, he rarely shows emotion or joins in with jokes, amusement, or the general fun most people are in Games VS. for. No, Burning Thought will only use logic, facts and totally, completely, definitely un-opinionated true information as part of an argument, and he will not over-evaluate his characters or opponents without a logical reason. He will ask for cold hard evidence, be it in the form of a video or official statements/information. He warns: "You will not get by easily just by spamming how much damage your character can do so do not try it." Burning Thought will have you list speed, cast times, durations, range as well as durability of the characters performing any abilities. In other words, internet debates are Very Serious Business.

This is likely why he is said to be disliked on KMC; KMC members would prefer to just state base facts such as how durable a character is or how powerful and declare a winner as such, but Burning thought actually "thinks" deeper into an argument/battle and takes into consideration the most logical events that could possibly happen based on speeds, durations, and reaction times. Able to blow up a planet but have no durability feats? Burning thought will latch onto the smallest perceived technicality to distract from otherwise-relevant abilities. He will have you on your hands and knees because of it, unlike others who may simply realize the amount of power a character can exert counts for something. Can you character move at the speed of light? Sure, but Burning thought will ask you how long it takes to charge such momentum, speed, how much energy it may take and in what circumstances the character performed thus, and whether they like strawberry or orange sherbet. Soon your lightspeed character could end up being seen by him as nothing but a glass speedster who has no power and needs momentum or a charge of energy to unleash such speed. BT will ignore gameplay mechanics, overly ridiculous and unlikely math/science in a fictional world where such things may be disregarded or work differently, as well as perceived fanboyish remarks and fallacies. His favorite perceived fallacy is the "bandwagon fallacy," which according to him means something along the lines of "If an idea is popular, it must be incorrect."

Do not bother ganging up on BT. His resolve is utterly intractable, so either come to the table with some good arguments or flee with your tail between your legs in utter, urine-scented shame, since you will only be made a fool of; not through spamming of "lol" pics or "fail" (which he greatly disapproves of, if you have not noticed) but through simply the acidic dissolving of your arguments, and making you fall back on the previously mentioned "trolling" technique.

The above information may or may not be true and is open to individual interpretation2

Favourite characters

Kain (LoK)
Raziel (LoK)
Kratos (God of War)
Atlas (God of War)
Zeus (God of War)
Janos audron (LoK)
Elder God (Lok)
Simon (Main character in Necrovision)
Typhon (Titan quest)
Balor/Connacht the Wolf (Myth series)
Soulblighter (Myth series)
Alric (Myth series)
Horned Reaper (Dungeon Keeper)
Mistress (Dungeon Keeper)
Bile Demon (Dungeon Keeper)
Diablo (Diablo series)
Mephisto (Diablo series)
Baal (Diablo series)
Tyrael (Diablo series)
Jack of Blades (Fable)
Ragnaros (Warcraft)
Kel'Thuzad (Warcraft)
Lich King (Warcraft)

Favorite games


  • One of Burning Thought's favorite insults is the use of the word "child." He may call you childish, claim your behavior is childish, or state that your intellect is that of a child. Since several weeks before the closing of Link vs Sephiroth, he has used this insult a total of 17 times. (This count is long out of date.)


Most win

Most hilarious

Most fail

  • Blunder thought: "Blunders 1 and 2…"

Most fanboy/girlish moments.

  • Claiming that Kain could recreate the big bang.
  • Inventing powers for Kain based on flawed extrapolation of existing powers.
  • Ignoring evidence.
  • Claiming Kain can beat Thanos from Marvel.
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